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Kathy Moore is the director of Public Health - Muskegon County and we're talking COVID-19 in the county for April 7th 2021. Spring Breaks is a very welcome relief to many all that's being asked, personal responsibility and accountability and basic courtesy in hygiene. Michigan and a handful of other states have increased positive cases, Kathy explains why in plain English. Variants that have emerged in Muskegon County. How wording in media effects reaction to what's intended when you hear it from different organizations. Certain language needs to be used at times and the general public might not get it. How to proceed? Some are ready to go faster, others are still "in the slow lane" and consideration between everyone is essential. There is TESTING available this weekend at MCC on Sunday from 11a-6p. A rapid test followed by the standard test if the rapid test shows positive. This testing is from the Muskegon Area ISD. What to expect over the next few weeks? Probably an uptick but the sky isn't falling. We all want back to normal. We'll do it again next week.



If you would like to reserve a time for your immunization the State of Michigan now has it open to those 16 and older.  If you would like to be on the list for a vaccination, you can use either the Mask Up Muskegon link to register with the county or the Meijer link to visit one of their clinics. 

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