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We were fortunate enough to be invited today to the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of the brand new VanDyk Mortgage Convention Center in the heart of Downtown Muskegon.  It's been a project decades in the planning and years in construction and it's ready to go for the first event this weekend, the Home, Garden and Boat show brought to you by the Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce.  Today however, there were a few shelf guided tours before the ceremonies and we used the time to catch up with some of the key players in getting this done.



Jon Rooks is with Parkland Development and he's a key player owning the Delta by Marriot which adjoins the new convention center as well as the beautiful Shoreline Inn across Shoreline Drive.  We also got a few words with Bob Luikens from the Convention and Visitors Bureau about the project and the current and future, let's take you to one of our longer video segments, and show you around the beautiful new VanDyk Mortgage center on The Muskegon Channel. 

It's going to be a center point for so many things over the next few generations.  As you heard the dignitaries speak, it's taken a lot of effort on the part of so many to make this happen and to continue going forward is on all of us.  We all come from our own little pocket of the county, and we've all got our unique qualities that make each neighborhood unique.  When we began publishing with Positively Muskegon back in 2015 the primary thought that "Muskegon" meant Fruitport to Montague and all points in between and we stand by that.  We'll continue to do all we can do be a voice for all of us but from an editorial stand point, and to echo a little of what Commissioner Scolnik said today...where Downtown Muskegon is today compared to when I first moved here and the mall was just coming down...we might as well be on another planet.  The growth, the unity, the resistance to echo some of what we see around us at times and our ability to circle the wagons and do what's right for all of us is why we're here.  Our strength lies within our unity and our unity grows day after day after day.  We're so proud and humbled to do what we do in Muskegon!  Click on the link below to visit the VanDyk Mortgage Convention Center online.