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We partnered up with Schrderl Sales and Technology of Muskegon this year to spread a little good around town with the Step it Up Program shared with Attorney Shon Cook.  The idea is that monthly, we'll be helping out a local 501c3 with a little finical boost, and we'll also sow you some of what goes on at a world wide leader in manufacturing at Scherdel.  Scherdel is a place that has a company philosophy of no matter where you begin, the sky is the limit and Jeremy Skroupa is just that.

Beginning his career at Scherdel sweeping up over night, then running a machine, then multiple machines and eventually business development medical.  Jeremy is living proof of the opportunity for advancement in the global leader of manufacturing.  Take a listen to Jeremy's story. 


Some of the repeating terms, teamwork, culture and opportunity keep popping up.  Schedrdel is on the hunt for great candidates to fill positions that will help you grow as a person as well as a leader with excellent pay and benefits.  If you'd like to know what Scherdel has open locally, click  on there logo below.  Can't promise Jeremy will have the owl with him but, you never know.


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