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All too often anymore, all you see are advertisements for banks that barely have branches.  Do you really want to walk up to a kiosk in the mall to discuss major financial dealings like mortgages, other loans or significant withdrawals or transfers?  Or worse yet, bank on the phone with someone who can barely speak English?  These are sensitive subjects and deserve the attention that come alone with major financial dealings.


You want a truly local bank with people who are dedicated to meeting your financial needs an goals and sticking with you for a while as your needs and goals change.  That's what you'll fined when you visit Independent Bank.  We we went to the branch on Henry Street today to meet up with Brendan Pelto and found all of that and more.  Brendan is a Neighborhood Mortgage Specialist.  Sounds big and important right?  Well, it is.  Brendan is the guy with all the know how and skill to help you get it done.  From 0 down payments to ways to double what you can save,  Help with home renovation and more but his title really says it all. Neighborhood Mortgage Specialist. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Click Here to Email Brendan Directly

Brendan work do help restore blighted communities.  He works to help those are renting become homeowners and when people own their homes, the value of  the entire area increases as do the aesthetics and sense of pride in belonging to a community that truly looks out for another.  Yes, very unassumingly Brendan is one of the people of ACTION in Muskegon giving people the tools, time and skills to become life lone home owners.

We've both been vaccinated for optics, and your concern is appreciated and in some thing new to me an interviewer we has some FDIC rules to work with so, there are some cheat sheets, but let's get you out of that rental and into you own piece of the American Dream with Brendan Pelto at Independent Bank.

 Important numbers - 

Office: 231.830.3985

Fax: 231.798.8607

Cell: 231.260.0378





You will be so glad that you stopped in to see Brendan to talk about some of these great programs, and "Bankers Hours?" what are those?  Brendan will meet with you when it's easiest for you and he'll make the whole process as simple as it can be and custom tailor the program that's just right for you!  We talk long and often about the importance of pride in ownership in a community.  Owning your own home is the first step in that direction and knowing your banker Brendan is right there to help you every step of the way is what makes Independent Bank so much more advantageous than spending hours pushing buttons on a phone trying to connect with a human.  Learn more abount Independant Bank by clicking on their logo below!  Independent Bank is a Member of the FDIC and Equal Housing Lender


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