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Muskegon Lakes Mall has a new and prosperous visionary who sees a golden opportunity to help entrepreneurs get a good jump start on starting their own business.



Marcia Everette is an inspiration of many gifts. But her main gift is helping others grow into successful business owners right here in our own community. The Lakes Mall has been a ghost town since most of the businesses have gone out of business before and after the pandemic began. Well now that Marcia has shined her light back in Muskegon, she has managed to get a jump start on a great opportunity. While prices were down and the mall needed to fill those empty spaces, Marcia was able to purchase spaces in the mall at affordable prices.

In these spaces she has managed to bring multiple businesses to the Lakes Mall. Marcia has four spaces in the mall, and she isn't just filling them up with her business. In her first space she’s managed to bring on a Barber who also does facials and body waxing, Camry Burks of Camfident Cosmetics, a make- up artist, a meditation specialist along with a girl who specializes in wigs. Marcia is still looking for two local licensed hair stylists. All these great minds are in one space. You would never think that so many businesses in one spot could ever exist. It's like an all-in-one spa day.

Her second space is being occupied by Turq Bail who owns Sleeping Pretty. Now Ms. Bail is right here from Muskegon with her own brand of sleep ware for those of us in that like to look cute while lounging around the house.
Marcia’s third space is located on the food court side of the mall. Now with this space you will be able to get your quick snacks while also getting a taste of L’Soul Filled Eatery.

Even though she is spreading love to the community by helping others bring their visions to life, she has not forgotten her children. Her fourth space that she has inquired goes to her daughter Amir, whom she blessed with when she was 19 years old.
Now if you would like to meet this young lady go check out her Buy Back Muskegon Event being held at the Lakes Mall from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm. There will be ten vendors all ready to help us Buy Back Muskegon.
We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.