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Kathy Moore Director of Public Health - Muskegon County shares COVID news on our weekly update. We're a touch late as she had a family matter. Johnson and Johnson is back and deemed safe once again. Andy wonders about the difference between men and women when in comes to side effects. What about a mask with a clear screen in it? Safe? CDC has new guidelines for those fully vaccinated for outdoor activities. Will be on the County website later today. What about those skipping the second dose? Numbers? How we doing? Is testing still going on? Yep! Find out where. Some final thoughts on moving to the next stage while we adapt and change. We check out for this week and we'll see you then.



To visit the Muskegon County Public Health Website, please click on the photo below. If you'd like to make an appointment for a vaccinaton you can follow the link under Mask Up Muskegon to get a date and time.


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