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You thought April was just going to slip on by without a little something handed out for the greater good in Muskegon in the "Step it Up Muskegon" segment didn't ya?  HA!  Fooled you!  It's still April and we've teamed with with Shon Cook Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology of Muskegon to send a little something over toward Broadway Street in Muskegon Heights where you'll find Read Muskegon.



We love giving these incredibly worthy smaller charity places a hand.  It's kind of how Muskegon works best and how we like to show ourselves to the world.  Having Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology on to help fund the giveaway sure helps.  From the Read Muskegon website - "Since 2005, Read Muskegon has been working to break the generational cycle of illiteracy in Muskegon County. As the only non-profit organization in the county solely focused on removing barriers to literacy for all individuals, Read Muskegon has taken the lead in creating community-based, systemic change that will result in a more literate Muskegon County."  Read Muskegon also does pain staking research on the literacy statistics that help or hurt our county and then finds ways to improve them for the betterment of all of us and a long term solution to poverty and divisiveness that come with illiteracy. 

There's so much that can be done through Read Muskegon.  If not financially, volunteer some time to just read with someone.  What's the worst that can happen?  You can form a friend and then see them go on to bigger and better things, or at very least see the look of achievement on their face when they can read something on their own?  There is much more to find than gold at Read Muskegon.  Trust me, I know what I am talking about on this one.  To learn more about their awesome group, please, click on the logo below and get involved.  It's an experience like no other we have to offer here.

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