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Orchard View Adult Education is A) open B) transforming what "Adult Education" means C) willing to throw in free DRIVERS EDUCATION to qualifying students.  We got your attention now?  At Orchard View Adult Education they are working overtime to make sure that those in need of a GED or some more training can get it, in person or on a virtual platform.  They will work to customize a plan to help people learn at their own pace and they are working double overtime to get rid of the stigma of Adult Education.  It's NEVER a bad time to get the learning you need!



Yes, there was a time when the idea of "alternative high school" or "adult education" carried along with it some kind of shame.  Let's face some facts though.  There are some people who just do not learn in a traditional setting and what works for the 99% of everyone might not for the rest.  Do you just let them fail?  Do you somehow view or treat them differently because they are not wired to learn like the "mainstream"?  We're talking about teachers here folks and they want to TEACH.  They want to invent ways to motivate, inspire and draw in people who might have otherwise thought that what they had in life was as good as it is going to get.  Well, it's not.  Limits are only there for those who wish them to be and if you'd like to keep on moving with Muskegon, the time is right now to act and act quick to get the diploma or other education that can help you in any number of growing fields in the area.

As you'll hear in today's discussion, earlier in the day Andy O had a breakfast meeting with the Mayor of Muskegon and an older guy came along and was sharing some thoughts about jobs.  He was pushing 90 or so and just can't understand the evolution of the old "smokestack" town that was becoming what it is.  It's happening fast too.  High tech jobs and high paying jobs that require at minimum a high school diploma or equivalent are open NOW.  They need workers to fill positions.  At Orchard View Adult Education not only can you get that, but you can get it free and here's an important part.  Unlike some other adult learning centers in town, Orchard View Community Education keeps education money here in the county.  It's not always the case.  We need that money to help sustain all of our education system here, not some out of market district that threw up a shingle and said "come see us".

All of this too and..... AND if you are qualified through Orchard View Adult Education, they are offering FREE drivers training.  Check out the video to learn a little more.   You'll meet Stephanie Agard, Brandy Carey, Gwen Carlson and Wayne Hacker who was a surprise for Andy to see as Wayne drafted the floor plans for the new house Andy and Cindy will be moving to.   

When you're ready to make it all happen, click on the photo below to visit the Orchard View Adult Education website and get started on your path.  Age, place in life, pandemic, limits you once thought you had.....nope, not having any of it.  Grab your piece of the action right now, for free at Orchard View Adult Education.

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