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We got word that Cedar Creek Township was moving their regular meeting to the Holton Public School System Middle School / High School Cafeteria. The meeting begins at 6:00 pm. Holton High School, 6477 Syers Rd, Holton, MI 49425 on May 11th as they were expecting a higher turn out than normal due to an ordinance that has caused quite a stir in some social media circles and we try to cover all areas of Muskegon County with the news we can... and since I am moving to Cedar Creek Township here shortly, and read some of the things that were in contention over this new ordinance, I figured I'd go to the Township Hall and turn myself in early.  It seems that some of what's being discussed involves noise levels, and believe it or not, I am noisy.  But, on quick discussion with Township Supervisor Linda Aerts, they are not exactly coming for me yet and a lot of what's been seen, heard and talked about so far, well, it might be a little skewed. Take a listen.



Well, there you have it.  The new ordinance proposed works toward what's good for all.  If you're working in the garage and want the radio up, turn it up unless it disturbs people you're living right next to.  If you are in to shooting and target practice, please avoid that at 3 in the morning.  If you listened to the conversation you'll even hear that Cedar Creek Township's next step is to go to a magistrate and see if the current 30 year old fines can be reduced in the extreme case that a violation occurs.  We also invited those who are opposed to this proposed ordinance a chance to explain their side of the story and received no response.  State laws supersede the local ordinance just as much in Cedar Creek as they do anywhere else, so enjoy your fireworks when they are allowed state wide and if you get some time, come on up and enjoy Cedar Creek!  It's got something for everyone year round from the motorsports trails to the beautiful lakes and grounds for agriculture, growth and peaceful places to call home if the hustle and bustle is a little more than you care for now.  It's an area that Muskegon County should be very proud of and it's developing quickly, just like so many other areas of the community.  We were lucky to get the property we are moving to back when we did and can't wait to be year round residents with such a short commute back to Muskegon for anything and hardworking and dedicated people like you'll find at the Cedar Creek Township offices.  They have been remarkable helping us with everything we needed as we work toward our transition.

We were on hand to record the portion of the meeting as well as public comment over the noise ordinance it's on YouTube and you can CLICK HERE if you care to see how things went during this opening segment of the meeting which went into a short recess as we finished recording.   

To learn more about Cedar Creek and all it offers, you are welcome to visit their website which is linked below!

cedar creek hall