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Tim Taylor has taken TikTok for burger restaurants to a whole new level of promotion. I was amazed when I saw him sharing his methods of madness in the kitchen preparing burgers for thousands of customers on social media.  The fact that Tim Taylor operating manager of Hamburger Mickey’s has taken on the challenge to collaborate with as many local restaurants as he possibly can for a year is just awesome. Hamburger Mickey's is a local family owned business.


So far Tim has teamed up with Wonderland Distillery who the owner is good friends of his. Together they came up with a whiskey jam, The Cheese Lady whom they created a wonderful cheese sauce that will be showcased for Easter, not to mention the newest sensation of Muskegon Heights L’Soul Filled Eatery with the Soul Filled burger that has become the burger of choice by popular demand and a beer distillery making a pizza sauce. In May, he plans to collaborate with one of the local Hispanic restaurants.

Mr. Taylor's next collaboration in June will be with the Culinary Institute of Michigan. The students will separate in teams and create a burger then they will be judged and the winner will get to collaborate that burger for Hamburger Mickey's burger of the month. The winner will also receive a trophy.  Now if you are in need of some great advertising join their fundraiser and place your business on a Hamburger Mickey's table. All the proceeds are going to the kid's food basket. This fundraiser will be held all summer long. Tim plans to host another fundraiser again next year.

I must say if you haven't been to Hamburger Mickey's go on down there and ask for Tim When you talk about great personality and wonderful spirit Mr. Taylor is definitely it The collaborations are still to come for the rest of the year. Muskegon has so many great hearts with lots of love to give to the community. When they say food is good for the soul just look at Muskegon restaurants bringing people together in times when it is needed the most. Thank you, Hamburger Mickey's for your continuous years of service.

h mikey