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Kathy Moore is the director of Public Health - Muskegon County and she's here with her weekly update. First up, the "Vac to Normal" program and the details that fall into place of us getting back to work. There are some important details including MIOSHA. Muskegon is trending down with the exception of mortality rate in Muskegon County. People have passed away after the vaccine, none of which have been in Muskegon County and they are microscopic numbers. We could see seasonal surges still over the next couple years. We agree that all of our lives are thrown way off. It's hard. Stay safe, wash hands, social distance. "We're in this Together" a year later and the exhaustion. This is National Nurses Week! Stop and thank a nurse or someone in the medial field. We'll see you next week!



To learn more about Public Health Muskegon County or find out where you can get a vaccination, click on the photo's below.  They are linked to their sites.

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