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We begin our story today with humble gratitude.  We've worked very hard to be a voice for good in Muskegon and we've paired with companies that have seen what we're doing any why and we've never been out there "in your face" trying to gather up sponsorship for the work, we let it come in time and let the work and value of what we do speak for itself.  Well, we're not the first in Muskegon who have taken that approach and when we're fortunate enough to have a company come along and say "How can we help?", it's an honor of the highest magnitude.  This is the case with Ramos and Sons Auto Body, Towing, ASAP Towing, Ramos Golf Cart Rentals, Party Bus Rentals and more.  Meet David Ramos and find out how all this came together.



Imagine that? Way back in the 70's the family business got it's start and has thrived in so many ways since.  It's grown because the investment put back into the people and causes in Muskegon has been proven over and over again and it's also been backed up by quality workmanship and honest value in what's provided to their customers from the guy needing a tow up the street with a dead battery to a totaled out car in a big collision.  Family owned and operated by people who care about their community and take every chance they can to give back be it through sponsoring events, helping out with transportation at events and more.  This is how Muskegon wins and this is what no one else can really duplicate.  If you are in need of a tow, some auto body work, maybe a party bus now that things are beginning to ease up a little, it's as simple as a call to Ramos!  ramos truckFollow Ramos on Facebook

There are so many success stories out there and we sure do our best to get to them all.  We're super thankful that the Ramos family of business has chosen us to partner with.  Like any small business over the last couple of years, they have had their ups and downs and the future was dim for a while.  Perseverance, commitment to excellence and the desire to make sure that the job is done right opposed to how fast can they make a cash grab and hope that things work out for the customer.  This is where the true value in this story comes to be.  It's the long term that builds success.  It's the commitment to everyone and everything in your sphere that pays off and it's the wisdom of generations who've seen those who've gone before them and have been able to roll the modern technology in to the traditional pride and commitment that is so deeply seeded in Muskegon that we are so proud to call our partners.  Pandemic or one in Muskegon has blinked.  We've carried on, circled the wagons and we will continue to do just that.

Do us a favor?  In your phone, save the number for Ramos. 231-733-1597.  You might very well be the next person that needs a tow truck and look what came of it from my call.  We got stronger, we put local people to work and we got to show you yet again, a long standing, family run business that makes Muskegon move in more ways than are readily seen.  Stay tuned to the Muskegon Channel too.  Ramos was part of the Mona Shores Ride With Pride event on Friday and in the very near future, you'll meet the winner of the car they donated to help make it happen!