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It's a program almost a decade old now and it was formed with the idea in mind that if area high school students had an attainable goal to reach for, maybe a positive incentive would be more valuable than detentions or suspensions or the dreaded "Saturday School".  The idea began with a dream and partnerships built to make it happen.  Accumulated slips for doing the right thing at school add up to entries to win a great assortment of prizes.  All the way from a gift certificate to a restaurant to the big one, a top quality pre-owned car.  


We were able to get out and get coverage of one of these events in the county this year.  Ramos and Sons invited us to Mona Shores for their assembly where they donated a 2016 Chevy Impala.  Also going on that day at the same time was Orchard View's Ride With Pride event where Ramos provided a slick Mustang.  This is in partnership with Muskegon ALI which is an organization under the umbrella of The Health Project of Mercy Health.  Both Ramos and The Health Project are sponsors of our publications.  We are thankful for their support as well as their belief in our young people.  Across the county, there are other dealerships and sponsors that help make this happen at their local school districts, and the long term goal is that this program stretches out well beyond the area and the state.  The model that's been built is one that can be applied anywhere and is remarkably beneficial.  MUSK ALI LOGOMuskegon ALI Online

We tried to capture moments from 2 separate assemblies at Shores and boil them down into a highlight reel for you.  You'll see winners of an electric bike from Nexus Reality leading up to the car give away.  You'll hear from Mona Shores Principal Jennifer Bustard while a band sound checks in the's a rocking day.  Solo performances, excitement, loud marching bands, moments of thought and introspection, pride and excitement that's been absent since the Spring of 2019.  It was an incredible moment to be a part of.  We hope you get all the good feels from the compilation.  Take a look.  







It truly was an amazing thig to be a part of.  We've been part of this day at Fruitport in the past and hopefully next year, we find the next school who's building our foundation of youth with positive and helpful reinforcement.  Covering this is a privilege as it's the opportunity to show once again show Muskegon finds a way.  No matter the circumstances or the challenges, there are so many who focus on our next generation and strive to show them that where they call home will always be the community that did their very best to give them more than just a diploma and a nice beach to enjoy.  We stand as one behind every kid here in the staunch belief that one day, all we have will be theirs and that we did all we could to build them up and be ready for what's to come.