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Last year December I came across a gentleman named Mark Poletti. Mark was helping promote the 7th and Monroe Pantry located downtown in Muskegon. While he was promoting the pantry, he decided to make pancakes for those in need.  Mark makes pancakes for a bike riding event that he does every year participates in which he also participates in. I asked him, Why he decided to make pancakes in the heart of winter at it's the coldest times of the year? He said, Well I wanted them to have a hot meal and it was cold outside. Plus we had tons of black beans. I decided to make some hot soup. Not everyone wanted the soup so next came the pancakes and coffee. 


We are close to the men's mission and they have to be out early. I wanted to be able to provide them with something hot to eat and drink on Saturdays. We are out here faithfully from 9 am until 11 am. I have one gentleman who is 93 and he just comes and pulls up. I give him four pancakes and coffee. He and I are now becoming friends. Most of time it's the homeless that come and get the pancakes.  Mark wishes he could do more for those homeless and in the mission. These people not only need a hot meal but they are also in need of a shower and clothes to be able to enter back into the work force.  He says, when he is home he does allow a few to come into his home and take a shower
As he was talking to me I could feel the compassion that had come from him giving back to the community. During this pandemic there have been so many deaths and illnesses we have forgotten to remember all of the good people that are out here still trying to make a difference in our community.

It's rare to find people who aren't looking for something in return when doing good. I'm truly honored to have met Mark in his journey of giving back to the homeless. His pancakes are free so stop by on Saturdays 9 am until 11 am on the corner of 7th and Monroe. Try out those wonderful blueberry, raspberry, chocolate chip or vanilla pancakes Don't forget that black bean and wild rice soup along with a nice hot cup of coffee.