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Let's begin with the smell.  There is a very distinct aroma when you walk into the store on Sherman in Muskegon right by Sherman Lanes.  Is it the hand crafted candles?  Maybe it's some of the artisan soaps?  Being a "guy" I am not always sure what I am smelling but I know this, when something smells fresh, clean and everything in line of site is neatly presented and maybe even tucked away in a spot you might not think of off the top of your know you've found some place pretty special.  That place is Muskegon Market and Mercantile.  Let's dig a little deeper.


Not only is the store neat, clean and enthusiastically run by a couple of really colorful women who are the heartbeat of the place.  Penny Cook and Patty Haiker are the ones up front but through the store are dozens of booths, all run by local vendors, crafters and artisans who's work is so unique, so true to Michigan and living along the lake.  You'll find locally made snacks, clothes, décor, unique and one of a kind crafts and stunning photography that only can be found here.  This is the kind of shop you'd find in a much more affluent and tourist type spots, but it's right here in Muskegon minus the sticker shock you'd find in the "hoity toity" places.  muskegon marketFollow Muskegon Market and Mercantile on Facebook

They have been around a while, but as the pandemic was in it's earliest phase, their lease was up at the older location on Grand Haven Road, so they let it expire and re-grouped a little.  The plan was hatched to move to the Roosevelt Park area, a bigger space, add more opportunity for those they host and amping up their footprint.  There are plans to expand as well.  Let's go back to opportunity though.  Sure this place is a great stroll for the shopper, but for the artisans and crafters that work there, it's a small business incubator.  Only a store like Muskegon Market and Mercantile can give those who do amazing work like this the chance to help people know where to find their products on a consistent basis.  Travelling craft shows are great, but if you really like something you find there, how do you find it again?  That's the problem that's been solved by Muskegon Market and Mercantile.  It gives those who are working to build a brand consistency on availability in what they sell so people can come back and get more.  It's a genius model and it's an incredible way to help support small business.  

As always, we like you to meet the folks who help us work, so we stopped in to Muskegon Market and Mercantile for a look around.  Meet Penny and Patty and make some plans for a visit to Roosevelt Park soon!





We're growing! Look at how Muskegon continues to spread out and bring things in that you'd typically only find in fancy places.  Not only are we growing in size and scope, we're growing in ways that are smart and mutually beneficial to smaller business and people are teaming up to get the job done.  Artful, fun and an overall incredible experience await you at Muskegon Market and Mercantile.  Make sure to stop in and see Penny and Patty and their incredible collection of affordably priced items from so many talented people.