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It's very last minute, this we know but we got word last night that the meeting was happening today and that public input is being requested at 4pm via digital meeting or a phone call to participate on the future of the leadership of the Muskegon Heights Academy. 

Superintendent Rané Garcia joins me for a quick talk about what's at stake in the meeting today and is inviting input from everyone in the community on what their thoughts are.  Please listen to the interview and find the links below to participate today if you can.


The meeting was held and the decision was made to dissolve the RTAP board and Muskegon Heights School Board Member Trinelle Scott explains why they are seeking local control back of the district and where things are from her perspective.  

We try very hard to make these discussions happen before they go to a meeting, but this time it all came so quick, we failed. Our offer stands to help both sides come to terms that are manageable to all for the best for the kids attending Muskegon Heights Schools. We firmly believe in the good of ALL in our area. We are better as one and if one of our neighborhoods are struggling, we all are struggling.  We'll do our very best to stay on top of what comes of the discussions and the Governors decisions in the weeks to come.  Stay tuned and thank you to both Rane and Trinell for taking the time to share their side of this debate.