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In a world where the only constant is change, well, it's really great to know that change happens but the essentials are there and provided for all in Muskegon.  Hackley Hospital was consolidated into the new Mercy Hospital and it left a lot of people worried about access to care, close to home when they needed it most and while it took some gears turning behind the scenes, it's been done and what was once the Hackley Emergency Room, is now Hackley Community Care's "Now Care" and the services are being expanded to meet more needs by a growing presence when it comes to the care of us all in Muskegon.


Hackley Community Care is growing and expanding it's reach into all of our area.  The outreach in to the schools for teen health is incredible.  Their campus in Muskegon Heights was the first in town with simple testing for COVID outside in a safe environment  and along with the new expansion into Mercy's old footprint Downtown Muskegon, there's soon to be expanded dental care offered in a way that some might find surprising.  Hackley Community Care covers the entire spectrum of health needs including mental health, pharmacy, OB and women's health and more.  They are a team of truly dedicated people who put the car of those they serve first and foremost and to see their growth continue is truly a blessing for all of us in Muskegon. 600x450 Desktop Lightbox 1Learn More About Now Care

They are under the leadership of CEO Linda Juarez who's time in Muskegon has truly been a remarkable story.  She first came here 30 years or so ago to develop a prenatal care program for Hackley Hospital at the time and has worked the last 20 at the helm of Hackley Community Care.  She's been a driving force behind the growth of Hackley Community Care as well as work away from the medical field.  She serves on the boards of some of the most influential stake holders in Muskegon County including the United Way, Every Woman's Place, Michigan Primary Care Association and more.  She's been carefully helping mold Muskegon through care and deliberate work to provide equality in medical resources to any neighborhood for a long time.  She's a treasure to us all, and not a name you hear all that often in the news or see on a front page.  It's the quiet ones....they are the ones who really get things done.  

We met up just outside a pretty familiar sight to most anyone in town.  We sat down to have a chat about Hackley Community Care NOW Care and Linda explains it all.  Take a listen.




We wondered and we worried. The consolidation of Hackley was clearly a concern of everyone in the area, however we are very blessed to live in an area where our medical providers generally work together to find solutions to the community health needs instead of trying to out do each other.  Yes, they are separate business entities but the key point to keep in mind is that they are working toward the same goal and that's the care and good health of everyone in Muskegon County.  Hackley Community Care is now offering NOW care 6 days a week right where you, and I, have gone for the pop up things and more.  Need a stitch?  Maybe that bruise is turning a funnier color than you care to see?  Think it's more than a sprain?  Hackley Community Care has you covered right in the heart of Muskegon.  Our many thanks to Linda Juarez for spending a few minutes today talking about this exciting new expansion!

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