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Annually for years Mission for Area people has held a wonderful music intensive gathering called "Music for Meds" to help support their fund for people who have urgent medical needs in Muskegon County.  This year, it's been a bit of a struggle for any kind of event to know what to expect when it comes to how to plan for the traditional thigs while they also had to double down on the efforts to provide for those they care for, especially when it comes to the charitable organizations that we all love and support in Muskegon.  This is truly a wonderful and giving community and Mission for Area People reflects that in a humble, quiet and efficient way.  


Serving Muskegon for more than 53 years now, Mission for Area People is a faith based organization focused on helping those who might just need a hand making ends meet or find themselves in a pinch when it comes to some of life's necessities.  Maybe a quick hand with rent.  Some assistance with the healthy choice food pantry.  Clothing, bills and of course, medicine is where MAP jumps in to give those who are right there on the edge that little extra in a time when it might be kind of hard to ask.  With a humble approach to dignity for everyone, MAP just fills the gap and those who might otherwise lose what they have, continue on.  It's truly one of Muskegon's best safety nets in the community. golf ballClick Here to Golf or be an Event Sponsor

Well, never being a group to let any circumstance befall them, with the up's and down's of what to do with an indoor music event, let's break the mold and hit the links for fresh air, a lot of fun and of course all the accoutrements that come along with a premiere golf outing!  June 25th at Bent Pine up north of Whitehall is where it's happening with a noon check in and 1p shotgun start.  You'll find all you'd expect from an event at Bent Pine.  Silent auction, raffles, prizes, spectacular golf and it all wraps up with a pig roast in the evening and everyone gets a swag bag!  It's $300 a team and the funds raised go directly to help support the medical needs fun at MAP.

Suzanne Prell is the Communications Manager for MAP and she's joining us today....even though we know Diane Stubbs the Executive Director is just around the corner, :)  Get all the info about the outing, the work MAP has had to do during the last year or so and how things are shaping up as we get back to what's normal over the course of the next few weeks.





It' a very heartfelt organization as well as essential.  What happens at 2500 Jefferson Street in Muskegon Heights is an example to us, as to how we are meant to care for one another.  Mission for Area People thrives on the support of all of us and you don't often see big splashy campaigns, billboards or events where they are yelling "look at us".  The focus remains on those in need and how they can be served.  It's truly an honor for us any time we can help share their story and work because we agree completely that being humble in what you do is worth it's weight in gold.  We're a proud supporter of MAP.  Click on the logo below for their website.

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