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Innovation.  We're really good at it in Muskegon and even through a pandemic, we have all managed to pitch in were needed, dig a little deeper and make sure that the crucial needs were met.  That is what sets our town a part from everyone else and that too is why we take such great pride in helping those who help others. Even those among us who walk on paws and have tails.


The Noah Project of Muskegon was one of the last visits we had with any organization before the world stopped a little over a year ago, so as the world starts to reboot once again, we're right back to where we left off lending a hand to the folks there who take care of the animals who are in need of a home until their happily ever after is found.  They really do wonderful work and people come to see them at their shelter from as far away as Grand Rapids to adopt their 4 legged family members.  The needs are always there.  Things like cleaning supplies, cat litter food and more, but the support...well, while it might have been a little slimmer, it was sustained and the shelter survived the storm like most all of us did.  pubs and pupsGet Advance Tickets for Pubs and Pubs Here

While the fundraising events of the last year kind of blew away with the wind, it did make some re imagining happen when it comes to how do we have a gathering, where to we go and what do we do to entice people to join us?  Well, the gears must have been turning hard at The Noah Project because they swung for the fences and hit a homer.  "Pubs and Pups" will be happening Downtown Muskegon in the new Social District which will be awesome in a few ways.  1) It's outside.  Enjoy some fresh air, walk the dog, have a cold one and enjoy the fun!  2) The local business aspect.  The local pubs and eateries, they are all working their way back too so, needless to say spending a little time and money helping there..that can't be a bad thing.  3) The Noah Project.  It's a selfless act to benefit them and the critters they serve and the whole thing is, they are providing a great time while you're doing it and giving you a chance to win some incredible swag along the way.

Jane McGregor is with The Noah Project and she's talking today about what to expect Saturday when you join the fun.  Details on how you can get entered into the great prize drawings and of course an update on everything going on at The Noah Project.  Take a listen. 








It's a great chance to get out and enjoy the return to normal. We all need to still keep circling the wagons around the business and causes we cherish so much in Muskegon and we really need to congratulate The Noah Project for their innovative thinking when it comes to getting all of that done in one afternoon filled with food, drink and fun for the furry friends in Downtown Muskegon. We hope to see you there. For more info on The Noah Project, click on their logo below.

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