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A little over a year ago, we decided that it might be time to downsize a little and just have one home.  Living in Roosevelt Park was truly an awesome experience and the ease and convenience of the location was perfect.  We did however have a cottage that we stumbled upon about a year after we moved in to Roosevelt Park in Twin Lake and although it might be a little bit extra of a drive, it was still plenty close enough to all that we do and love in and about Muskegon that it made a nice get away, and someday....maybe we could fix it up and make a home out of that on the lake.  Well, someday came and as we had the old cottage sized up for year round residency, it was pretty sad to find out that at 85, it's lifespan had come to an end.  So, we started looking.


What to do next?  We tried some of the prefab modular places, they were ok.  We thought about a stick built but we were a little afraid of the costs.  We hunted high and low and then along came a young guy who we met up at the old cottage who was interested in making a bid at a stick build house and it kind of took off from there.  What we were overly surprised to find out that it was Travis Clarke of Lumbertown Constructions very first full house build and with that everything about the project changed.  Travis had extensive experience working with family who are all in the business, from his dad who taught him early on to his uncles and cousins who had a role in parts of the house.  It became a family affair and when we'd visit during the build, it always felt right.  From the time the old house dropped till the permit to occupy was given, Travis and his crew were amazing and the depth and understanding of a guy at Travis' age is almost unheard of.  Attention to detail, ability to handle concerns, communication and even the ability to handle things like permits, townships, state and county hoops. He worked at a maters level at all times and to know he did all of this for us as his first house...we're pretty dang proud to know that as his footprint settles around Muskegon and the Lakeshore the houses he builds for others will come with the equal dedication and perfection as ours did. lumbertown fbContact Lumbertown Construction Through Their FB page

Yes, this is absolutely a piece to show off the work done by Lumbertown Construction and to help Travis plant his flag and grow his business.  As a couple, Cindy and I both dedicate a lot of time to helping others.  She's a teacher and I work to help develop broadcasters and business people up through what we publish.  It's probably a once in a lifetime opportunity that someone is afforded the chance to not only be the first of many houses to come, but a chance too to show off the work and give the guy who pulled it all together an introduction like we can, so with great pleasure and honor, meet Travis Clarke of Lumbertown Construction.   








What an experience and the way Travis handled it speaks volumes of him and his upbringing in the craft.  Even his remarkably even keel approach to handling pop up concerns and things that were out of his control like waiting on this or that permit, he was rock solid.  This article serves no other purpose than to celebrate the growth of a business in Muskegon and hopefully with the power of media, we can keep Travis and his team and family chugging along well past next Summer and we can all look to the day when every black has a Lumbertown Construction home on it.  A personal note, Travis, you made more than a dream come true for us, and we're forever thankful.  We applaud you and celebrate all you've done.  To call Travis at Lumbertown Construction call 231-855-4282 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Travis directly.