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The mask mandiate and limits on gatherings are up and the sense of normal returns.  It's a welcome relief to many to say the very least.  However, there are some who are still in a bit of a lurch in a couple different ways.  There are those who are looking for a job, and more over there are those who are looking to hire people and get them back to work and keep things moving!  It's been something we've never imagined in our lifetime to say the very least these last months and the road to recovery will not be an overnight fix either.  Everywhere you look you see help wanted signs, that's a pretty good start, but how about a couple events to get you face to face with potential employers right off the bat? 


Muskegon Public Schools are hosting a pair of events to help with just that.  On June 24th there's a Contractor Meet and Greet at the MPS District Services Building located at 1800 E. Laketon.  It begins at 2p.  This event is a meet and greet for local contractors, larger contractors, insurance companies, bankers, lawyers and anyone else that could have interest or wishes to be informed of the bond projects for construction as they roll forward. We are hoping to gather as many local contractors and others as possible to try and keep as many bond funded projects to local contractors as possible and in our community. We also wish to help integrate as many minority, small business, veteran, and women owned businesses as possible. There is no charge and the food is free. mps logo tagline rgb 8nov18Muskegon Public Schools Online

Then on July 1st there will be a Big Red Community Job Fair again at 1800 E. Laketon starting at 2p.  This event is designed for any and all people in the region that are looking to find employment or use their trade skills to find a job. We will be giving free food and drink. We ask for people to bring their resume or information and we will create a database for use when searching for employees for all reasons in the future. This is open for all occupations and classifications. We would like to invite all local businesses that are interested to have a table and have a meet and greet with potential employees that will come to this event. The local businesses need to register for a free table.

These are remarkable opportunities to connect those seeking workers and those seeking work.  Your next opportunity is waiting for you and it's a good thing to think out of the box a little.  Did the old job dry up with the pandemic?  Chase a dream.  See if you can find what you'd love to do instead of what you've had to do in the past.  You only get one spin here you know.  Reach out and go for it.

Matthew Cortez is the Superintendent of Muskegon Public Schools and he joins today to talk about the events so we can learn a little more.  Take a listen.


It's within your reach.  Dream big and shoot for the job you want instead of the one you need.  It's a great market for job seekers and employers are looking to hire!  If you'd like to know more about either event or become part of it as a potential vendor, click on the logo below and make it happen.  You can also call 231-724-2004 to register for a free table at the event!

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