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It's an amazing outreach that was started by Zaneta Adams in Muskegon and has grown to become a m8uch larger organization even though Zaneta is not with them at the time.  Well, there's a reason for that.  Zaneta is an Army Vet and attorney and as her dedication and devotion to making sure veterans, especially women veterans were given the best they could get for their service to all of us, she found herself appointed to the Governors Cabinet as the Director of Veterans Affairs for the State of Michigan.  Not too shabby, and understandably a very good reason to pause her activity with the group for the greater good.  


WINC For All Women Veterans is the organization Zaneta founded and from their website - "Founded in 2014, our goal is to help bring awareness to the issues facing women veterans nationwide while providing a space where they can live, laugh, and readjust to life after service; while also identifying their tribe of women vets who have their “six”. We do that through our Military Sisterhood Initiative (in partnership with Challenge America), peer support groups, retreats, Military sexual trauma intensive therapy retreats, workshops, summits, and more."  It's kind of hard to believe that we need a support group for some of what you just read, but the reality of it all is, we do.  The organization was founded from the heart as well as personal experience and from the humble beginnings in Muskegon, it's reached out over the country, it was a needed measure and Zaneta found a way.

Today, as part of our "Step it Up Muskegon" program, Attorney Shon Cook and our great sponsor Scherdel Sales and Technology are presenting $1000 to help continue the mission of WINC.  Henrietta Hadley has been an integral part of the organization since we've been working with them to share the story of the work they do and the outreach they attain.  She's joining us today for the presentation as well as to share some of the story of this incredible group, that was homegrown right here in Muskegon and has gone so far beyond our county limits to be a part of so many lives.  Take a listen.    



The Step it Up program is designed to give a little financial boost to Muskegon area non profit organizations, more over, it's designed to make you aware of some of the incredible things that happen here in Muskegon and get you to know the story behind the mission and most importantly, meet the people who strive to make a vision a reality and serve those who rely on them.  We are so thankful for Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology for their support of this effort.  They are helping to weave a tighter knit of fabric for all of us and if you are ever moved to the point that you'd like to help too, it's easy.  You can find WINC linked below.  Maybe a volunteer opportunity or donation of your own?  You can also search our site under the key words Step It Up and find the other organizations who've been highlighted.  We all build and grow together and at the Muskegon Channel, we're humbled and honored by the opportunity to share these incredible organizations.