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Let's come right out and say it.  In Michigan where automobiles are born, public transit is seen as a last resort by many.  Fair enough.  However, what if innovative transportation were to come along that offered ease and convenience, SUPER affordability and the chance to get where you need to be in the core of a community pretty much any time you need to be?  Would you entertain the thought?  Ok, still not sold?  How about this?  Let's say you live in Norton Shores, want to head to Downtown Muskegon for all the fun and live it up at a festival or in the Social District and $4 bucks was all it would cost you for a ride down?  No parking fees.  No risk of drinking and driving.   No inflated cab fares?  Starting to see the big picture now?  This is what MATS new Go2 service is all about!


Go2 is a program that's been put in place to help make best use of the public transit system in Muskegon.  After an intensive study of how and when the system was being used, some decisions had to be made about the future of public transit in Muskegon County.  The giant busses are functional for sure, however the fixed routes and the ability for some to access the bus system from where they reside.  It also left a bit of a struggle for some who need to be somewhere just outside of the traditional route and the last stop before their departure was a ways away.  If it's a short walk, it's easy for some, however if in a mobility device, it can prove to be a giant obstacle.  With Go2, it's as simple as downloading an app for either the Iphone or Android Device in your pocket and if you are not the most tech savvy, it's as simple as making a call.  231-227-3550.  You can also visit the MATS Go2 site by clicking on the picture to the right. go2 vanVisit MATS Bus Online

This is a very innovative way to address public transport needs in Muskegon.  In fact, it's the first on this side of the state.  Major markets and even city's the size of Grand Rapids are able to make Uber and Lyft services sustainable and there is a small use here, but with Go2 this kind of service is available to anyone in the footprint, which by the way can grow as use increases, at a very affordable cost and streamline process of getting where you need to be in a safe, clean and easy manner.  The service is run by a leader in this kind of innovative transportation called VIA and the costs are partially underwritten by MATS.  It's a giant leap in the right direction for all of us and while we're not always the first in line when it comes to change in Muskegon, this is the kind of thing that once understood and adapted to, we'll wonder how we ever got along without it.  Did I mention the first 10 rides are free?

Karen Kacynski is the Marketing Director for MATS and joins me today for a chat about the service at the beautiful Herman Ivory Terminal in the ever blooming Downtown Muskegon, take a listen!





It's sounding like another giant win to me when it comes to Muskegon leading the way with something new, innovative and affordable for everyone!  As this new service launches and we find ways to make the best use of it, think of it more along the lines of our exclusive shuttle service that beats the cost of a cab.  Will pick you right up and drop you off where you need to be in the route and save you and the environment some.  It's taken a great many minds to bring this innovation to Muskegon and we're very fortunate to have the future here and now.  to learn more about Go2 from MATS, click on the image below!  You'll also find links there to download the app for your phone!

go2 app