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Let's go girls!  It's not every day that a story gets dropped in your lap from a friend, but when one like this does, you jump before the rest of the world grabs hold and we have yet another Muskegon original duplicated all over the place and we set another benchmark for what's cool, what's next and what should have been a while ago.  Now, some of that boastfulness and bravado might be a little on the side of being a braggart but we've got something here in town worth bragging about and to grab the story first, we're all about it.  Sei Bella Tattoo and Spirit 33 are celebrating a Grand Opening this Friday July 2nd at 6:30p and the rub on this one is, it's a tattoo shop owned and run by WOMEN!  LOVE THAT!


Being an inked individual myself and having been to a few different artists over the years, I have always had an enjoyable experience and found that a visit to a tattoo parlor is so much more than just the body art.  You are in very close quarters and a very intimate setting with another person for a long time depending on what you are having done.  You might also have to go back a time or two for touch ups and if it's a big project you might be going back over a few months.  To me, an environment filled with heavy metal and guys getting tribal stamps, I am right at home, but for some, I can see where it might be easier to get a tattoo in an environment that's more situated to their lifestyle, interests and mindset.  A place where they can get some ink done not only traditionally but maybe some permanent make up done.  How about an environment that offers yoga in the back yard, some holistic ointments and creams and even a crystal room and a reading room for some introspection and mindfulness?  It's all coming together at Sei Bella on West Summit just off Henry Street in Roosevelt Park and it's the brain child of Christina Robison and the incredible women she's got working with her. sblogoSei Bella on Facebook

8 tattoo artists, all women are on hand to serve customers and some are there to learn the craft.  The building used to house "Healing Grounds" massage therapy and even the former owner of the place stuck around to learn more and now she's handling the permanent make up role.  The mindfulness, the meditation the chance to add something beautiful or unique to your skin and sit and talk with someone while it's happening, these are all incredible opportunities to heal through human contact and different approaches.  Of the tattoos I have, I think back on the limitless conversations that happened over the years with the artists that did them and while every tatt means something, in the end it's also a reminder of my interaction with them and what I took away along with the design.

Christina and her "right hand" Sydney Bernard invited me in to get the exclusive on their shop.  Take a listen! 








What a great new option for those needing some "ink therapy" and beyond. The feel at Sei Bella is that they are trying to create a very inclusive atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable getting a tatt, maybe trying some of their self care products or working to center themselves with a soft approach and an open mind. The excitement is building and you are invited Friday to see some next level stuff in the world of body art and lifestyle items.  You might want to pick up one of the awesome shirts you saw behind us too.  I forgot to ask if they had one that would fit a "gal my size".....maybe next time I stop.  The open house Friday is at 6:30.  Drop by and say hi.  You can visit them online by clicking below.