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We're incredibly thankful to have a global company like Scherdel Sales and Technology as a sponsor of our work here in Muskegon.  While their work is truly worldwide, locally they are like so many other companies here in town who invest in the people and purposes that matter to us and even month on the Muskegon Channel they add to the funding of the "Step it Up" program along with Attorney Shon Cook and we're able to present $1000 bucks to a 501c3 charity and more over, we bring the charity on as a guest and let them tell the story of their work and mission to help those who are in need in Muskegon.  It's been a very powerful addition to what we do and more over, why we do what we do.


In return for their generosity, we bring you an inside peek at Scherdel and we're also helping them to recruit top level candidates to help them maintain a robust workforce that is an environment that exudes a company culture that not many others can beat.  Time after time in speaking to a Scherdel employee, we find that they started in a specific area, and as they grew in confidence and ability they were given the opportunity to grow within the company, sometimes with the company footing the bill for the training elsewhere in the world or at the college that is needed for advancement.  They invest in their employees with the knowledge that a sustainable workforce is maintained by some much more than just a healthy paycheck.  It requires healthy people who know they have value, a voice and that what they do matters and is part of the solution for all.

Today, we'd like to introduce Cody Jones who is in the Logistics and Supply Chain department here at Scherdel in Muskegon.  Logistics and Supply Chain are often heard about briefly on the news and in reports about how the global economy works, but unless you are immersed in it, it might be a bit of a question mark when discussed.  Remember how we talked about Scherdel's investment into people?  Well, Cody got a degree in finance and found himself rather bored with banking, so when Scherdel called and he began there almost 10 years ago. Cody didn't know a whole lot about the processes he'd be dealing with, but the company knew he had the goods when it came to the fundamentals of the job, it was a matter of the day to day skills and the nuance of understanding how to make the operation sail smoothly and he's flourished ever since.

Cody literally has to know what's going on, in almost every corner of the planet when it comes to the part they need to complete tasks at Scherdel.  From giant cargo ships and destination ports, to rail cars and huge rail yards where the containers of parts head once they are off the ships, to when and if computer chips will be available and if they can get where they need to be on time.  It's got to be a job that requires so much thought, time management and flexibility and it all came through real life experience while working at Scherdel.  Take a listen to what has to happen to keep things moving at Scherdel Sales and Technology with Cody Jones 


As we mentioned in the video. We know of jobs that have been filled through our work here with Scherdel.  We also know that the pay and company culture is of higher standards than what most expectations are so if you are in the market to begin a career or to take advantage of a job market that is hungry for people who are willing to put in the extra effort for rewards that are measured in more than just what the take home pay is, it would behoove you to pay a visit to Scherdel on East Laketon in Muskegon or visit them online to see what opportunities await you!  Our many thanks to Cody, even though I blew it at the end and said Corey.  Duh.  It's a rock star job he does and you could learn it too while making a great living at Scherdel.  


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