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One thing we are acutely aware of in Muskegon is things being taken away from us.  The fatigue of things that have come and gone over the years is apparent in so many corners of the community.  From the jobs that were once here to the events that have taken place over the years and even some of the buildings that hold so many memories for people, the up's and downs of Muskegon are a part of our story and we're all very strongly opinionated about them.  It's that passion for our community that keeps us in the fight and working to do more with less and it adds to the fabric of Muskegon even though not everyone gets their way all of the time.  However, sometimes...ways to work are found and out of what was once thought as lost, comes roaring back with new life beyond all imagination.

The Boys and Girls Club of the Lakeshore found a new home over the pandemic in the former Lakeshore Fitness Center that Muskegon Community College ran.  It was acquired by MCC from the YMCA when they downsized and in the middle of all of this those who enjoyed the facilities and their expansive offerings from the pool to the health equipment and the gym facilities....well, with all these changes question marks kept popping up over and over as to who, what where and when could the use of this magnificent facility be opened up once again.  Well, today's the day with the answers.

First off, the safety and security of the children had to be assured.  Anyone can agree with that.  There was also a little cosmetic improvement that needed to happen in the building that had been shuddered for a short while.  From there, a plan needed to come into place on how to reintegrate all of what's new with all of what was and somewhere in there, find a balance.  After much juggling, planning and prep...get ready to dip those toes back in the water!  It's open for drop in swims in the morning.  There's a small package available for individuals and families and with the expanded use of this great facility, more kids who've never been in or around the water will get the chance to learn the proper safety in a comfortable and controlled environment.

Robin Dennany is the Aquatics Director for the Boys and Girls Club and she's also the former holder of the same title when MCC operated the facility.  She's joining us today to talk about the progress of the Club over all, how and when the public can use the aquatics center for now and when they will open the facilities further for more engagement for everyone.  Take a listen. 


Amazing to think that what was once thought a loss was only a "wait" and the rebirth of the behemoth building that once had so many question marks....well, now it's filled with laughter, hope and a bright future for countless kids along with once again becoming a center for community gatherings, athletics, education and even a good old indoor swim when the weather outside dictates that only polar bears outta be swimming.  If you'd like to know more about the Boys and Girls Club for your kids or you'd like to know more about the open times for community members to use the pool, please click on the link below for the details by visiting the Boys and Girls Club website!

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