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We've long loved to work with Pioneer Resources in Muskegon for the incredible work that they do effects the lives of people who want nothing more than the the rest of us.  A chance to learn, grow, live independently and be equal among others.  The idea of what were once the limitations that kept people from realizing their full potential and how they could see that with a little help and the proper training they could be able to achieve more than ever imagined is what keeps Pioneer Resources moving and through all of this crazy time that we've all encountered, they have managed to sustain.


Like anywhere else however, they are looking for help.  A short staff in a place that is a convenience is one thing, but when you are looking at essential services for people who require some help with their living situation, maybe the need for a ride to get to where they are going or maybe they need some specialized training when it comes to realizing their dream of independence, Pioneer Resources is the kind of program that requires people on hand 24-7.  This also extends into transportation and services for some of our senior citizen community as well, who were there for us when we needed them, it's time to assure them that they are not forgotten.

The argument could be made that going back to work isn't ideal for some yet, however this isn't exactly the kind of work that is a "starter job" or something that attracts those who are job jumpers looking for a ladder to climb.  This is the kid of place when you get to understand your surroundings and the mission of what's happening here, the rewards of the work are equal and above the paycheck and the ability to advance from within is pretty phenomenal too.  Can you drive a car?  Well maybe transportation is for your and Pioneer will help you get a CDL to do it!  Do you love people?  How about a career with people who give love unconditionally and generally bring more joy than you'll find elsewhere?  Maybe your clerical skills are a little under utilized?  There are all kinds of opportunities awaiting you at the Pioneer Resources Career Fair on July 15th at 1145 Wesley in Muskegon from 3-5p.  Enjoy some refreshments as well as meet up with those who are looking to hire directly.  No agencies to play with.  No hoops.  Just you and human resources having a talk and getting down to business.

We met up with Executive Director Jill Bonthuis, Monica Turnbull who's the Director of Development and Marketing and Chris Cole who is the Human Resources Manager.  Take a listen to what could be your next great opportunity.


It's a jo that will forever change you. The check is great but the overall satisfaction of being a part of the lives of so many who are helped by the work of Pioneer Resources is beyond any financial gain.  Fringe benefits?  You can't put a price tag on the impact you could have on the lives of many or maybe it's just the one.  We have had incredible experiences working with the people Pioneer Resources serves.  Stop out next Thursday and learn more, or check them out online and see what kinds of opportunities are waiting for you!

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