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In the day to day of life in and around Muskegon we hear an awful lot of talk about how we're growing.  We can also look around us and see it happening.  Downtown Muskegon is simply amazing.  Norton Shores is continuing in splendor as always.  The Heights has a breath of fresh air, our surrounding communities are growing and our "street cred" is getting better and better, day by day.  Question is, who else is seeing this?  Well, it's not just us that sees what's happening now but they also see what's coming down the line and the investment they are making in our community is substantial.  Did you know this?  Those investments are coming from as far away as the East side of Michigan and when the major markets are taking notice of what's going on all the way across the state in out little neck of the woods, heads outta be turning.....and quick.


Through some of our other media endeavors we knew that the arrival of Community Choice Credit Union was coming.  We handle some social media accounts for some other companies and the Cherokee Restaurant let us know that Community Choice Credit Union had gifted them a substantial amount of money mid pandemic to not only help their business, but to feed people for free all day long.  Through their social media that one day, it was come one come all for the free food from a company that had made no announcements about their arrival here yet.  They also did the same for Dr. Rolph's Downtown and Pints and Quarts.  If you are getting the idea that Community Choice Credit Union and the Muskegon area are a match made in heaven when it comes to truly investing in the community, you catch on....quick.  They have scholarship programs, they have a foundation, they have a GIANT backpack giveaway coming up at their location on Ellis Road on August 5th from 3p-6p which we'll plan on seeing you live at.  They quietly and without expectation came to town and began to do the right thing, and what's to come is even bigger.  There are still plans to build a new center on Harvey Street, jobs and money, there are plans to engage with the public in more ways than you've ever imagined by a financial institution and their desire to get to know their members and future members on a first name basis is real.  Something to think about too, the people we spoke with today on site, say that they have never found a better culture to work in anywhere.  So....if you are in the market for a job or a giant step up from what you know, a stop in to one of the Muskegon area branches might be a good thing to do. backpackeventDetails on Backpack Giveaway Event August 5th from 3p-6p

Quite proudly too, Community Choice Credit Union picked us to help get the word out about their arrival.  We're still uncharted waters for a lot of places and that's fine, but they have see us work, they have watched up engage with some of our other sponsors and the idea was to be as innovative with their approach to letting you know they are here as they are innovating the way the credit union experience is for their members and their staff.  We really have a major asset coming to town and it's because our collective efforts of building community have gone further than we ever figured and caught the attention of a lot of very interested players who are making long term commitments and saying Muskegon is where we need to be.  We should all feel honored by that.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Phil Bacalia, Courtney Porrett and Ethan Lohman.  We met up at the Ellis Road center to kind of give you the feel of the place and welcome them to Muskegon, although Courtney has been here a fact she was once pretty close to the top of a certain Singing Christmas Tree we all know and love!  Take a listen. 






We have been incredible watching ourselves go, but to know that as far away as Farmington Hills has been watching too, if that doesn't stir a little pride and put a little wind in your sails, well, there's a problem.  This is an incredible addition to our local portfolio of business and to know that they came in boots on the ground ahead of time to lead by example, in a commanding, but humble way, well....I think that it's proof positive that what we have here now as far as's past the seedling stage and we're getting some roots down and that's a welcome change for everyone.  Welcome to Community Choice Credit Union and let's work together for the betterment of us all.  You can visit Community Choice Credit Union by clicking on their logo below. 

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