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We dropped in on Rolar Products in Muskegon Heights a while back and visited them to talk about their being named on of the 50 companies to watch in Michigan.  Quite an honor and to stop out and grab that story was a pretty big deal for us.  From there, getting to know the owner Jack Russell has been a pretty remarkable experience.  Jack is quietly active behind the scenes in a LOT of projects in town that improve the quality of life for our residents and the business community.  He's part of Muskegon that goes beyond throwing out a shingle and saying "open for business".  Jack is investing time, treasure and talent into more than just what he makes money for the company.


Today, it was Rolar Products company Summer picnic and what they call "Get Paid to Party" day at work.  People at Rolar work 4, 10 hour shifts at the shop weekly and anything over that, is time and a half.  Well, since the work week is over, and the party is at the shop, punch on in and enjoy the time and while we're all at it....let's eat!  Kaja Hunter of Kaja's Flavor Packs was brought in to cater the event with one of her famous crab boils.  The employees were also all given packets of her seasoning mix to take home with them.  There's the company corn hole tournament which comes with a travelling plaque and yearly bragging rights.  A table FULL of prizes and gifts, a strong man competition to hit the platform and ring the bell if you're tough enough, plenty of soft drink and if anyone elected to go past soft drinks, free rides home to make sure everyone is safe.

Now, in as much as we'd like to get to every company picnic and highlight the fun going on, there's a little more happening here too.  Jack called and asked if we'd come to help tell the story and he'd pay us for the time.  Well....ya, we can come do a paid story, but with all that's given by this company for the greater good, for their employees and even for some other business that Jack has paid to help advertise, it just didn't seem right to stand there with our hand out at the end, so returning some grace that's been paid in advance 10 fold seemed like a great way to wrap up Friday and let the rest of the world see how Muskegon has a great time after slugging it out for 40 hours a week and a grateful company goes above and beyond for not only their own but all of us.

Let's go get paid to party with Rolar!


We are blessed with a business community in Muskegon that knows and understands community stewardship.  When times are good, you see things like the Paid to Party day at Rolar.  When times are tough, they find a way to make ends meet but still remember that the need here at times is very real and that it takes all of us to circle the wagons and be one.  We're proud to work with Rolar on quite a few things that they ask for no credit for and we're honored that we can give a little something back, even if it's only a glimpse at who they are and what they do, not only for us, but for this entire community.  Party on Rolar!

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