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One of our greatest beliefs here at the Muskegon Channel is that media should be an active and essential role player in the community that supports them.  We strive to help organizations and causes and we've got the "getting the word out" part down pretty good, but...most of our organizations that provide human services here in town can use a little financial boost too.  While we'd love to be the philanthropic example you see from some, we give what we can and then when some partners came along to not only help with the exposure, but they foot the bill to give each one featured a little bump of $1000 a month.


This month, is an organization so very near and dear to us, Every Woman's Place.  If you're a regular viewer here, you know that EWP is something we focus on very strongly.  The idea of any kind of abuse, neglect or sexual crime committed on someone infuriates us.  It should infuriate anyone, but the fact is, now more than ever EWP is working overtime to help people post  pandemic as while we were all in a quarantine, for some it was only an escalation of an already bad situation and the stay at home orders only made things worse.  EWP has expanded and changed over the years and the programming has evolved in many ways.  So much so, even Shon wasn't aware that the program for those who commit the abuse had been written out a while ago to make way for other parts of the population who are vulnerable but underserved.   

Like any of the 501c3 organizations in town, the pandemic months were hard on EWP both with a work load and in funding.  Their determination to not miss a beat in the service they provide was met head on by those who work and volunteer there and they carried on with the mission that began 45 years ago when it was a "battered women's shelter" into what today is a resource that extends so far past the normal definition of what it once was.  Today, it's education, advocacy, outreach and yes, still protection for the most vulnerable. 

Elisa Hopper joins the chat this week about EWP and graciously accepts the help from Shon and Scherdel, so take a listen and learn a little more about Every Woman's Place in Muskegon. 


So thankful to Shon and Scherdel for their incredible generosity.  You can help too!  Not everything has to be a big donation.  Every little bit helps and the $5's and $10's add up quick. You also heard about the return of the "Power of the Purse" coming up, you can learn more about that event and all of the work Every Woman's Place does for the people they serve by clicking on the photo below.  We'll see what comes of our incredible partner giveaway next month!  Our most special thanks to Elisa for taking some time today to tell the story of EWP.



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