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Today we would like to introduce to you an amazing young lady who is a graphics art design major. Her name is Charde Lowe and her talent with paint is simply amazing. Charde graduated in 2020 from Muskegon High School and then went on to further her education at Central State University.


I met Charde at a birthday memorial that her parents Bobbie and Curtis Lowe, were having with their car club called Cadillac Inc. Car Club Of Muskegon. As her mother and I were sitting down and talking, I had just happened to glance down and see Charde’s shoes. They were truly different but in a cute way. I then preceded to ask her where did she purchase her shoes. She then began to let me know that the shoes are Nike but the design was hers. Naturally, I was amazed and began to inquire to know more. That's when Charde let me know that she was a young lady of many talents. Her graphic arts designs are meant to empower the youth as well as young adults. Now let me tell you what is so special about her graphic art designs. Not only is the art work eye catching, but when the shoes are wet , they change colors. Yes, you saw it and read it correctly, they change colors when wet. I couldn't believe my eyes on how these shoes changed colors when wet. Plus, your socks or feet did not get wet in the process and the material of the shoes were still in great quality.


Charde not only designs clothes and shoes, but she also makes logos for businesses.  She wants to be able to express her talent in ways that make other young adults inspire to become entrepreneur graphic art designers as well.
Her passion for art also comes in the form of singing. Her love for art is deeper than just painting on canvas. She wants to reach hearts with her artistic designs and her soulful voice.
It won't be long before someone recognizes her work and she's off and running. I'm glad to see that our young people of today have decided to use their talents and skills that they have already crafted and turn it into a blooming business.
You may find more or Charde's work on her Facebook page Drppin Co. which is linked below.