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It's a time to celebrate the work of many that will benefit the lives of many more for years to come and add a level of commitment to life in Muskegon that is a change so dramatic that those in need of their work are going from rock bottom to a proverbial "de-lux apartment in the sky".  Yes, "Movin' on Up". is an understatement when it comes to the new home of Pound Buddies in Muskegon, but the move is complete and there's a need to give a little thanks as well as continue the efforts to maintain what's new. 


The building on Keating Street in Muskegon that used to house Pound Buddies, well, it truly became the embodiment of the "dog pound".  It had outlived it's purpose years ago and in that, became quite the place of not only some controversial questions across the county.  Well, the good news is that through all we have been through over the last months, the work was able to continue and the "dog pound" has become a true safe haven for animals in Muskegon County that provides plenty of space to be housed, cared for and tended to until their new forever home is found as well as space to get outside, run around a little and enjoy more of a "life" instead of a "detention" while they transition.  Quality of life improvements for all of Muskegon are something to celebrate to us.  So let's do just that. pb tixClick here for Yappy Hour Tickets

Hampton Green Farm will be the location on Thursday August 26th from 5p-8p.  Tickets are only $35 and you'll find great food from Harris Hospitality as well as some thirst quenching drinks from Ladd's.  All the accoutraments will be along as well like a silent auction and a chance to with a brand new Subaru from Subaru of Muskegon for a $100 entry.  Get this too....there are only 1000 tickets being sold.  That's pretty good odds.  The magnificent horses and some of the new additions to Hampton Green will be on display and of course, it's all out doors so all the safety protocols that make you comfortable can be met.

Jan Jacobs has been the lead on the fundraising campaign for Pound Buddies during this project.  Sure, everyone is all moved into the new shelter, however there's still some work to do to pay it off and make sure that for years to come this incredible source of pride for our community sustains.  Take a listen to our chat abut how it all came to be and how you can be a part of the fun this coming Thursday. 






It's an experience in and of itself to be at the Hampton Green Farm. What's really cool too...if you stop and think about it....the horses are helping benefit the dogs and cats.  Have we really come that far that species are looking out for each other?  Maybe!  Maybe too, it's the incredible humans that rely on these animals that understand the value and level of satisfaction they bring to our lives in so many ways and that maybe it's on us to help out how we can to return to them what we can in the best way we can.  If you'd like to know more about the Pound Buddies new facility, click on the link below or, as Jan mentioned, give a call and set up a tour.  Who knows.  Maybe there's a new forever friend waiting there for you.