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2020 had a showing of 4 or 5 cars.  Kind of a low turn out for a year where there was supposed to be no event at all thanks to the pandemic, however, 4 or 5 cars still needed to get out and get the dust off them so they took a drive only to find the "see ya next year" sign.  Well, it's next year and the turnout should be back up around the 900-1000 mark so car enthusiasts, collectors, hobbyists and cruisers can once again get out and do what they love to do the most.  The return of the Labor Day Cars for Cancer event is a welcome relief to all, including the beneficiary the Johnson Center for Cancer Care at Mercy Health.


16 years strong now and north of $300K raised in support of those effected by cancer here in Muskegon, the Labor Day Cars for Cancer event came about as the Different Strokes Car Club decided that it was time to do their part in some way.  Like many of our other grass roots events in Muskegon, what starts off small quite often becomes a huge event encompassing so much more than ever imagined.  It's something that seems pretty unique to Muskegon how events organically grow from a few people with cars, motorcycles or boats and over the course of a couple years, people recognize that the hearts of the organizers are in the right place, the work is going to take care of our own, locally and that being a part is a good thing.  Nothing stops this kind of initiative and the rewards for the organizers come in so many ways.  Yes, the amount of work exceeds anything they ever planned, but the impact it huge and far reaching.  We all find ways to give in our unique ways. cfc new localCars for Cancer is on Facebook

Even the pandemic "off year" doesn't make for much more than a "rain out".  Sure, bumps happen but a chance to catch your breath, regroup a little and reimagine a few things, that can't hurt.  Thus, this year a little bigger space, a lot of what you've come to expect from the Cars for Cancer show and a lot less "cramped" as the years that have passed recently, the grounds of the Mercy Health complex on Harvey Street were busting at the seams.  You'll find this years even at the Lakes Mall, down on the Sears end.  There will be a ton of extra space for cars of all shapes and sizes.  The Sunday night cruise is still on and as you'll hear from Wayne Ferrier and Bill Hill, the Monday event will see people lining up as early as 6a to get in and get their spot for the show.  Music, food trucks, pin up girl contests, prizes, a live auction and more all accompany this great event, and at the end of the day, it circles back to the commitment we share among each other to give something back.  It's a tremendous day of comradery, super cool cars and an amazing way to let those effected my cancer know there's a community around them who cares.  Brian Harris has the story, take a listen.





A great couple of days, outside in the fresh air and plenty of space.  If you're in for the cruise on Sunday night, lining up for the show Monday or just planning on a stroll through to see all the eye candy on 4 wheels and spend time shooting the breeze talking about cars, remember that 16 years ago, and $300,000 ago, this all began like most everything else in Muskegon does.  Organically, from the heart and with the greater good in mind for those who need a hand.  This is what Muskegon is all about.  This is why we are so proud to help share the story.