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It's an idea that's unbelievable on so many levels.  All over Muskegon, even through the toughest of times we've seen the continued growth and drive in both large and smaller business.  Grit, drive and determination continues to replace the worn out narrative that once held Muskegon in a position that had some looking down their nose at us.  As the new mindset has emerged, not only has the "take the bull by the horns" attitude become the normal, those who have taken the bull, they are all working to find ways to work together to strengthen each other and our community.


This is directly reflected by the new partnership you are going to see beginning on September 11th between the Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights and Boomtown Market in Downtown Muskegon.  Soul Filled will be introducing a line of grab and go meals that will be available to those who frequent the Boomtown Market.  What's awesome about this?  Well, two female entrepreneurs, so duck and cover...when women decide something is getting done, it's getting done.  Next, to immediately recognizable brands in Muskegon coming together to mutually benefit each other.  Third, with the growth of residency in Downtown, an option for amazing, healthy and unique food items that will be easy to prepare, affordable and open some taste buds up to some flavors that they may have otherwise never known.

Lakisha Harris of Soul Filled and Dana Precious of Boomtown started planning the idea a while ago, and there's more to it than just some food.  LaKisha will be having some help from school kids who are learning food prep, marketing and packaging to help pull this all off.  She always grabs the opportunity to pass along her talents as well as knowledge.  Dana Precious came back to Muskegon, saw the nitch that needed to be filled in Downtown Muskegon and grabbed the chance to open a small store, with plenty of room to grow, and with patience being the virtue....she's been grinding it out, and the growth is happening.

To celebrate, September 11th there will be a Soul Filled open house at Boomtown Market.  There will be samplings of menu items, there will be music from Jodi Dro, there will be cooking demos and ways to kick up the grab and go items you'll find a little simply and affordably by Chef LaKisha herself and there will be a very strong undercurrent of a message.  Our community coming together.  Those imaginary lines are getting a little fuzzier day after day as we all realize we are better as one and if it takes connecting over some food, so be it.

We met up with LaKisha, Dana and Jodi to talk about the partnership and the party, take a listen. 


Are ya in yet? If not, grab the rope and start pulling.  Muskegon is repeating history in the fact that when faced with a challenge, those who live here all know that nothing or no one can beat us when we work together.  Strength in numbers and unity are becoming more the norm and as generations pass, those who believe in what was and know what can be again, they are re-tooling, re-imagining and beginning to re-write the story of us.  It's a very bright future because of the people who will not give up like Dana and LaKisha, and this serves as your invite to the goings on in Downtown Muskegon September 11th to watch the continuing evolution of their future, and ours.  You can click on both images below to visit either website.  

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