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Yes, libraries are needed and now the library needs YOU!  It's for more than one reason too.  Follow me here.  The Hackley Public Library is undoubtedly one of Muskegon's greatest treasures.  It's September and it Library Card Month so if you don't have one, well, you are left out of a complete world of information and entertainment that is absolutely free and can save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to things you might otherwise PPV or  buy.  Right there outta get you in the door.  They are also in search of some help on the front of what Muskegon needs, expects and hopes for out of their library so as they work their way back to "normal" post COVID, they can best fit their patrons needs and desires.


Libraries are an ever evolving entity.  Information consumption is an ever evolving endeavor and for that matter, language is as well.  Case in point.  If you look back to ancient history, there were cuneiform writings on clay tablets and walls dating back as far some would say as 5000 BC.  They wrote in pictures.  Language evolved, and today, we have "emojis" and language has circled back.  Evolution of info and language is what libraries are all about as well as a good dose of education on both minus any kind of spin that might come along with delivery of information in today's day and age.  These are the niche's along with some other pressing things like what hours best serve library patrons?  What kind of programming outside of reading material should be offered.  Arts, culture, activity, entertainment and education.  It's all in today's library and the Hackley Public Library is working ahead of the curve to make sure the needs are met.  Take a few minutes to fill out the survey!  You might even win a $100 gift card for the efforts.  You'll find the survey linked to the right! Hackley Charles H M001Charles Hackley Says Take the Survey

With Library Card Month going on too, it's really a chance for the community to drop back in to the library if you've not been in a while and not only see the spectacular things there are to see, but the vast amount of things that have changed.  At the Hackley Public Library, the standards are all there.  The amazing art.  The incredible stained glass.  The glass floors and so much more.  But so are graphic novels as well as DVD's, music, periodicals and access to unlimited content with you're library card online!  It's a long ways away from the days of the card file system and the old lady saying "sush" behind the desk.  It's time for you to pay a visit.

Joe Zappacosta and Mallory Metzger are with the Hackley Public Library.  We sat down for a few minutes to talk about the much needed survey, some of the rich history and some of the things people are surprised to find in the modern Hackley Library.  Take a listen.





Have you stopped lately to think just how valuable of an asset we have in the Hackley Library?  If you have not, it's time.  Grab that free library card and open the world of education and exploration that the Hackley Public Library offers.  Help them shape the future of what's to come with services, programming and community engagement with the survey then need completed.  Follow the links below to get started and click on the pick of Charles Hackley above for the direct link to the survey!  We are so blessed to not only have history in our hands in the Hackley Public Library, but the future too!

Employee to Entrepreneur (Virtual)
September 14, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Lego Building day (In-person)
September 18, 12:00 - 1:30 pm
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HPL's Main Building Hours:
Monday/Tuesday: 10-7
Wednesday/Thursday: 10-5
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