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It was a typical night as I headed into the Cedar Creek Township Hall to record their monthly meeting for their website.  They hired us to do that for them back in May and it seems to have been a valuable addition to their service to the residents who cannot make it to the meetings.  Yes, we publish our own stuff but to stay busy we offer video and streaming services behind the scenes to help keep the lights on.  As I was pulling up to load in, a series of events took place and I thought I'd share what went down with ya.  


All too often, the world today hears about kids who do the wrong thing.  It's pretty easy to find a kid who's cutting up in school or throwing rocks at someone or something and drag that out for a few clicks on a website and a few shares from all the old farts that need something to complain about.  What's hard is noticing when a kid does the right thing without being asked and knows how to navigate in a world filled with grown-ups who are in a hurry, often too busy to be bothered with the shenanigan's of a kid and generally go looking for a reason to be a grump. 

As I pulled into the lot, there were two boys riding their bikes around and I don't know about you, but the older I get the more nervous that makes me.  Not because the kids are being kids and riding bikes around, but more because what looks dangerous to someone at 51 is a far cry from what looks dangerous to the under 10 crowd.  I drive a big car out of necessity and moving that thing around in a tight space when there are kids or pedestrians isn't exactly my favorite thing.  So, I waited for them to move and I parked.  I had a bunch of trash to pitch from the car so I bagged that up and made my way to the back to get the camera rig and headed to the door, hands full.  The two kids were actually in the building at the time, and I am not sure why, but as I was going in they were coming out and one said - -"Here, sir, hang on a second, please let me get the door for you."  After the shock of being called "sir" settled in I thought "wow, manners?  You don't see that every day!"

Here's the thing.  I have known the boy who held the door since he was born.  He didn't remember me I don't think but he's the son of Jason Chester and I have been seeing Blake since he was just a tot at hockey games and through pictures on his dad's social media stuff.  So, on Wednesday, I sent Jason a quick message and said, "Hey man, there's something you need to hear...."  I left it hang there and waited to see the response.  At that point I told him what a good little dude he'd raised and what a gentleman he had on his hands.  I asked too if there was anything he'd like as a small reward for helping an old timer out and he said "He'd love to be on the radio".....I asked, "Would TV do?  Here we are.  Linda Aerts who is the Cedar Creek Township Supervisor join us to be a part of this special honor for Blake.


Hey, making rap videos is his thing and since we had an extra camera sitting around, let's foster the talent.  It doesn't take a lot to be nice.  It does however take some special thoughtfulness for a kid to go out of his way in the world today to make something easier for someone else and he honestly just struck me as that kid.  His dad tells me it's the whole tribe around him who's seen to it that respect, thoughtfulness and  being others centered is key with Blake and for that, we'd like to say, rap on young Blake.  Rap on.