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We were very fortunate to learn about Community Choice Credit Union "coming to town" back in one of the higher points of the pandemic.  Truth be told, they have been here a while but as their footprint continues to grow so is their name and their work to get more and more involved with Muskegon and the community they serve.  What was known as First General Credit Union will be completing the merger in the next few days and the old name will be gone and the pedal will get another push closer to the floor board on community engagement and involvement. 


Back when things were tough in the pandemic, Community Choice Credit union called some local restaurants and foot the bill for meals for their diners over the course of the day, till the funding ran out.  It was an amazing boost for the local, non chain restaurants as well as a great surprise for their customers over the course of the day.  Who wouldn't love a free breakfast or lunch?  Then, as school was set to get underway, like Community Choice Credit Union does in the other city's across the state they are staples in, they put on a backpack giveaway for kids.  Complimented with the backpacks were free meals for those who came by, 500 or so meals and some fun with displays of the Norton Shores Fire Department and Police on hand and while we're at it, let's throw in some cotton candy and other treats for the kids.  You may remember, we were there that day broadcasting live to help celebrate.  It was fun.

It's part of what Community Choice brings to "The West Side" as they settle in.  Involvement, inclusion and ways to engage like we've not seen by many.  September is Community Choice CU's "Give Big Month" where they find ways for their employees....well, check that.....their employees find ways to put their skills to work for a variety of causes and charity efforts all over the community.  Collectively, last year across the state, Community Choice team members put in 5056 hours of volunteer time and 1682 of those hours came in September.  Dig in, get your hands dirty and do it right.  Starting to see why Community Choice is going to be such a good fit in Muskegon?  It's kinda how we've been doing it all along.

In addition to the Give Big month with our partnership with Community Choice we are also going to be soon talking about their SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.  You'll hear a little more about that next week.  We're also giving you the first heads up about International Credit Union Day which is coming up on October 21st.  There will be a food truck parked at the Ellis location in Muskegon and once again, Community Choice will be feeding the hungry folks coming in that day to handle their financial needs.  We're also really excited to announce in the coming weeks and months, Community Choice Credit Union has offered to be a part of the Muskegon Channel on a little bigger scale.  

One of the things we hear all too often, the need for better chances to learn financial literacy.  With our partnership and the ability to bring experts in on anything from loans and mortgages to investing and how to manage credit, Community Choice Credit Union is stepping up BIG TIME with practical and easily understandable advice for anyone, and it's going to be delivered to you on your computer, phone, big screen or anywhere you get the Muskegon Channel!  We are really excited abut this incredible opportunity for our viewers.

Phil Bacalia is the Center Manager at the Ellis location in Muskegon and he joins today to talk about Give Big, the new construction coming for Community Choice Credit Union on Harvey Street and more!  Take a listen!


It's an exciting approach to financial institutions that I have not seen matched since I got to town.  Become part of the fiber of the community sure seems to be the goal of Community Choice Credit Union.  Thanks to Phil for the few minutes today, stay tuned for the scholarship information next week and our financial literacy programming is coming soon to help one and all better understand how to manage money and finances best!

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