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Through the path I have carved in this world, I have been remarkably lucky to have some pretty amazing roles outside the average "work day".  I have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of different groups and organizations over the years that all have unique and remarkable ways of doing their part to hale causes out one way or another and to have watched so many begin from the most simple of grass roots, from motorcycle runs to car shows, animal shelters, human services and sports events and more seeing the resilience and incredible ways people come up with unique and fun ways to do their part, it's an incredible affirmation in humanity. 


One of the most dedicated groups to their own as well as the greater good is the local racing community.  Our racers all over West Michigan are generous, kind and compassionate in their care for their fellow competitors and fans and in as much as the word family gets kicked around a lot, in the racing world, it's 100% on point.  Sure, family sometimes comes with a "competitive spirit" that might not exactly lend itself to getting along all the time, but when the cars are back on the trailers and a crack of a beer is hear, more often than not all is forgiven and that family spirit comes back quickly.  I have seen hundreds or thousands collected by passing helmets through the stands, I have had to wear a pink dress to help further donations for things and not once have I seen anyone in the racing world not dig a little deeper to help someone in need.  Roughneck racers?  Not when you peel back a layer.

Well, that giving spirit and the comradery is carrying past racing season this year and with the race tracks quiet, and the bowling alleys getting busy, some area racers are combining the two to put on a great day of fun at Sherman Lanes on October 9th called "Racing for a Cure".  Beginning at 12n Sherman Lanes parking lot will have a great display of cars on hand for anyone to come by and check out.  You'll get a chance to meet the drivers, kids may get a chance to sit in the cars get some pictures and autographs and stuff as well.  Inside Sherman Lanes beginning at 1 a Scotch Doubles Tournament gets underway at 1.  It's only $25 a couple to participate which includes 3 games and shoes as well as all the fun between games with some fun contests and chances to win.  Sure, there will be 50/50's and a nice silent auction going on and the proceeds go to help area people working their way through their cancer journey and a small portion will go to the USBC Scholarship fund for local youth bowlers.

I heard from Dick Strang Jr about the event asking if we'd be able to help spread the word a bit and couldn't pass up seeing some good friends and watching a potential seed being planted of the next big fundraiser and community event being planted that can carry on and do truly remarkable things for so many.  Robin Norwick joined up to share more.  Take a listen! 


Sound fun? It's the old fashion way of getting involved. Give Dick Strang a call at 231-557-0827 for registration or donations you'd like to make. James Hartman is also available to help at 231-510-2643.  You can also sign up to participate that day at Sherman Lanes and if bowling isn't quite your thing, keep in mind those race cars in the lot.  Lots to see with them and the chance for kids to get up close and meet and greet the drivers and cars....they will really dig it.  This is how we work in Muskegon.  We find a way and we take care of each other.  My many thanks to Dick and Robin for joining me for the story.  Enjoy the fun on Oct. 9th at Sherman Lanes. 

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