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It's been a wild ride these last 18 months or so.  We've seen so many amazing acts of giving, strength and hope done by so many.  Individuals, groups, business have all had to double down on what's needed to be done to take care of the bare minimum in some cases.  While there's a bit of breathing room at the moment, and hopefully a sense of returning to normal for most, there are those organizations who handle those kinds of needs on a fairly regular basis and in Muskegon, we are remarkably fortunate to have the strength and stability of the Community Foundation of Muskegon County. 

Working "behind the scenes" for lack of a better term, the Community Foundation's mission is simple, from their website - "At the Community Foundation for Muskegon County (CFMC), we collaborate with donors, grantees, advisors and individuals to identify issues that are important to our communities. By bringing people together around a common mission and creating links between resources and your vision for the future, we help to ensure that our communities remain vital and strong."  The Community Foundation is a think tank, a solution provider, a rallying spot and a way to provide for all kinds of area organizations and individuals.  Their depth of giving is remarkable and how they support so many is vital, even though they sometimes work quietly. ia ticketsClick Here for Free Tickets to the Impact Event

Well, it won't be "quiet" at the Frauenthal Center on October 7th.  A celebration of Community Impact will be held and an honoree will be named  for the first ever "Impact Award".  Focusing on this persons contributions to education, fostering a dynamic local economy and promoting prosperity for all.  It's a free event that begins with a social hour at 5 and carries over into the Community Foundations presentation of their annual message as well as the award.  

Todd Jacobs is the President of the Community Foundation and Colleen Zahrt is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Foundation.  They picked the ultimate back drop for out chat today, take a listen. 






The task of boiling this down to an individual? Monumental.  The impact that the Community Foundation has in the lives of so many in Muskegon, directly or indirectly is without compare and to know that they are extending their congratulations as well as recognition to someone who's gone above and beyond is simply awesome.  It's a free event and it's open to all, so please, save the date and plan on attending the Celebrating Impact event on October 7th at the Frauenthal Center in beautiful Downtown Muskegon. 

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