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We proud and excited about our partnership with Community Choice Credit Union.  They have had a small presence in Muskegon for a while, but as time has gone on and the growth of our community is being seen more and more, Community Choice has been watching and waiting for the growth opportunities and as they have come, the decision was made that Muskegon and surrounding communities were a place that Community Choice Credit Union was a place that not only could grow, but their approach to direct community involvement was prime for our area. 


As we've built and grown our partnership, we have come to see that the cooperate values held by Community Choice Credit Union are very much on par with ours.  Finding multiple ways to help in areas that help build community, relationships and futures.  One off our first experiences, as we hope you've heard by now was the day they funded local restaurants to sustain business and feed people in the height of the pandemic.  It was a big give. The, it was the back pack giveaway when we were live with the CU to give away over 400 bak pack to kids, and over 500 meals to families.  Last week, you learned about "Give Big" in the month of September and now, it's advance notice of the scholarships that Community Choice Credit Union provides, and that is $1,300,000 in educational help since 2009.

They work hard at Community Choice Credit Union to provide this opportunity, and the idea of "scholarship" may set off an initial thought of college tuition.  Well, it wasn't long ago that Community Choice recognized that continuing education encompassed so much more that traditional college.  This is open to people looking to advance their lives in trade schools as well as the need for highly skilled workers in any number of fields continues to increase and the demand for the services they prepare people for is becoming higher and higher.  Another really great thing, you don't have to be a member of Community Choice Credit Union to apply for a scholarship.

We're about a month away from the application window coming for the scholarship applications.  We thought it a good time however to go up the chain a little and meet Jeremy Cybulski.  Jeremy is the Community Engagement Manger for Community Choice Credit Union on a state level and today, he joins us to talk about the opportunity for the students of West Michigan and when the applications can begin.  Take a listen. 


A business comes to town to do business. That's understood.  All too often in today's world though, a business comes to town to see how much they can get out instead of how much they can put back.  It's a remarkably refreshing change to see a company like Community Choice Credit Union spending a little time "getting to know us" then when things are right saying "This is who we are, and this is what kind of legacy we hope to build with you".  It's completely in step with how we work here and we hope that if you are in need of a scholarship...or any of the financial dealings that Community Choice Credit Union offers, you stop in to one of their member centers and learn more.  We'll see you back in about a month with an update when the scholarship opportunities open up!

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