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It’s our weekly update with Public Health - Muskegon County Director Kathy Moore.  By request, we’ve added in some graphs and charts this week from the CDC to show you some data.  Andy begins with a recommendation to see a documentary on Prime called “America’s Hidden Stories – The 1918 Pandemic” to offer some very big comparisons between today and 100 years ago.  Kathy has the numbers of transmission rate, mortality, community spread and how we stack up about surrounding counties.  We talk about the West MI region compared to the rest of Michigan.  The 7 day moving average and how to understand that and how the 3rd dose will roll out as it becomes more available in the county.


To stay in touch with the Public Health Muskegon County website for updates on 3rd shots and more, please follow the link under the image below.

mkg county public health