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When it comes to making a splash in what you drive, it's not much splashier than what the Muskegon Area District Library has rolled out.  The MADL Bookmobile has hit the streets and when this custom built bad boy comes rolling up the street heading your way, make no mistake that you are about to be immersed in the modernist of experiences of all the things the MADL offers and then some! 


Let's roll back a minute.  In days past, from what I hear, a book mobile was a fairly common thing to see in a town.  Even here in Muskegon, the bookmobile of yesteryear would make it's rounds to those who couldn't make it to the library for whatever reason or just like the convenience of the fact that the books would come right to their block, building or neighborhood.  Like many other communities too, as time went on, the bookmobile kind of ran it's course and when budgets shrunk, the service was cut.  Well, the return is here and books are only part of the equation.   bookmobileThe MADL Bookmobile Online

Today's MADL Bookmobile.  It's a high tech rolling library that's got books, we figured that.  It's also a high tech field machine for computers, entertainment, information, printing needs, books on CD, DVD's, Blu Ray's and more.  It's got multiple stations with flat screen viewing options inside and out.  It can pull up to a park, it can pull up to a festival.  It can be requested to make a stop in town and you can find out where and when it will be through the MADL website.  You can do anything in this almost all terrain literacy vehicle you can think of when it comes to librarying and there may even be some post apocalypse survival gear on board, we were unable to inspect that deep.

Mike Maxson is the Commander of this remarkable flagship for the MADL.  We had a chance to meet up at the  MADL Offices on Airline Road for the tour, take a look!






No excuses! Get your read on! Miss the video store? One can come right to you! Need a spot to utilize a computer, it's on wheels now.  For as much joy as the bookmobile of yesteryear brought, today's MADL Bookmobile brings all of the tradition plus the technology and resources to those who need the help.  Our Muskegon Area District Libraries are always on the cutting edge with innovative and creative ways to engage and entertain.  From the Storyville sections added recently to the traditional branch locations, to the slick new Bookmobile, take advantage of all the MADL has to offer!  It's our community resource and working toward better literacy for all is a goal anyone can agree with. 

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