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October 6th Public Health Muskegon County update with Kathy Moore. We’ve got more slides for you but we begin with an up to the minute update which shows a bump up in cases. The hope is that the worst of all of this is all over, but precautions are still necessary and the spread is still going on. Experts predict that more is to come with a surge but hopefully the deaths and serious problems are minimized. On to the stats! We scan the data over the surges, the current infection rate, hospitalizations and comparisons with other states. The differences in seeing rural sickness compared to the city. We talk about schools and what’s happening case wise in school. We talk about where the county is with immunizations and boosters will be available. All of Kathy’s data slides are at the end of this week's discussion. 


For more info, please visit the Public Health Muskegon Coutny website linked below.

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