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The goal of anyone is to be able to fit in and live as independently as they can, no matter the barriers they face.  We are also very fortunate to live in a time where the emergence of the need for this is being seen more and more and those who were at one time the "kids down that one hall" at school or as they grew, they were the one relative that no one outside the family really understood.  Well, breaking that stigma has been one of the greatest things we've seen over the last decade or two and the ripple effects in not only the community, but the business world and out lives have been simply put, amazing.


The gifts we have to work with vary, we all know that.  But for far too long the gifts that some have got looked over due to a different ability or skills set.  Some barriers might keep some from things, but if the time and drive is spent by those who actually want to see the very best come out of people, miracles happen day after day and it really doesn't take much more than the willingness to put your foot forward and say "we can do this,"  What was once the unthinkable when it comes to development or ability to work has had the glass ceiling smashed and folks who face "challenges" are breaking barriers every day and showing the rest of us what they can do.  More over, we are seeing for ourselves how rewarding it is to watch someone flourish and that the preconceived notions we may have had at one point are crumbling, and crumbling fast.

I have had more than my fair share of exposure to these "tiny miracles".  Both in the community and in my own family and the breakthrough moments are simply put, amazing.  We have some people here who we've found that wanted to try things like voice work and narration that might not have otherwise had the chance to try, and they have worked out amazingly and life long friendships have been built.  Making the connection is the first step, and locally we have MOKA and HealthWest and a few other groups working hand in hand to not only spread the hope of all that comes from building people up, but to share the benefits that might go unseen otherwise and the companies that participate, are forever changed by who they find.

One company, Scherdel Sales and Technology took the chance and welcomed Jacarri to their team a while back and he's seen new heights come of it all.  He's a key member of the staff and brings an element of cheer and focus daily to his work.  From the MOKA website Jacarri says "It is so amazing to have a job. And for you to offer a place for people like me, who want to work. Because there are people that want to work, that don’t always get to, because they feel like they can’t.”  It's that spark.  That simple belief and the willingness to see more in someone that sets Scherdel a part as well as other companies like Wendy's on Henry Street, The Whitehall Walmart, Heart and Hand In Home Care, Meijer and Reliant Cleaning.  They were all recognized this year for their dedication to breaking barriers.

Since Scherdel is one of our great sponsors and we've seen for almost a year now what they are willing to put into the community though us, we grabbed Kenneth Robison to speak as a recipient of this great award.  We also welcome Kris Burgess from Health West and Joni McCollum from MOKA to talk about the work and the awards.  Take a listen. 


Simply amazing things are happening. The unthinkable at one point is becoming a new dawn for those who were at one point "left behind" and if you've ever had the chance to work in person with someone who's barriers are dropping, the personal reward you get is 10 fold of what you expect. Our sincere gratitude to Scherdel for leading the way they do and to the dedicated people of MOKA, HealthWest, MRS, Preferred, Goodwill and Pioneer Resources for never giving up on what some couldn't see until now.  The ability in all of us. 

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