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I't s a little different than our normal presentation.  It was actually the idea of Mallory Metzger to try something new and innovative with a dual purpose!  She came up with it, and since we are kind of writing the rules as we go, we said "sure!"


Mallory and Joe Zappacosta are taking you on a little tour of the Hackley Public Library to show you the services and amenities that are offered to one and all, and they are vast!  You can do anything from use a computer at no charge to tap into endless digital resources from magazines and papers to current music, movies, kids programming and more.  We've featured the amazing things they can do for you at the Hackley Public Library in the past, but this has a really cool and passionate feeling behind it as the people who make the place tick are presenting what they love, right here on the spot.  A segment about upcoming feature programming is iincluded for both online and in person events that will delight and inspire a wide variety of audiences.hackley door knobHackley Public Library Online

Take a listen to Joe and Mallory as they walk you through the Hackley Public Library.






Don't forget, Hackley Public Library is seeking a hand in filling out a short survey to help better understand the needs of the community.  Everything from hours of operation to types of programs, services and what kind of books are desired is covered in this survey so take a couple minutes to fill it out below and help make our friends at the Library's job a little easier in finding what the community seeks from them!