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What's a Piccadilly Auction you ask?  We'll get to that momentarily.  The crux of this story is the purpose of the Piccadilly Auction.  We're here to talk a little about the Covenant Ability Network (CAN) and their work to help individuals with cognitive issues life as full and complete of a life as they can independently in warm surroundings that truly give them the chance we all have to know what it is to be ourselves.


Their Mission Statement is simple, but to the point - " Extending dignity to every individual by optimizing independence and encouraging health and hope through community."  They go about this in a number of ways.  They place value in dignity, excellence, family and collaboration.  They invest in the whole person encouraging physical, emotional, social and spiritual health and they strive to achieve this with some help from social services provided and the rest comes from community who support their work.  It's that support that makes Muskegon the ideal place for an organization like CAN because we are very fortunate to be one of the places in Michigan who find a way, no matter what to help friends and neighbors who need a hand. 

With the provided funding from social services, the residents are afforded $40 a month for their needs.  Imagine having only $40 for clothes, personal care items, shoes, entertainment and other incidentals?  Pretty tight budget.  Giving a little assistance through fundraising efforts and donation helps these incredible people out a little and the gratuity that comes back is 10 fold.  Now, on to what a Piccadilly Auction is.

You're at an event, and there's an auction.  We got that.  The biggest wallet wins and generally donates what they bought to the next auction they are going to.  10-4.  With a Piccadilly Auction, the playing field gets leveled a little as you attend the auction, you get a paddle and some tokens to drop in for the item you want to bid on and when that item comes up, you raise your paddle and if your token is drawn, you go home with the prize!  The event is October 30th at the Delta by Marriott in Downtown Muskegon and it begins at 8am with a continental breakfast being served and the fun to begin after. 

Adonica Kunnen invited me down to the stunningly beautiful hotel to talk a little in advance of the event and to invite you out as well, take a listen. 


Sounds like an awesome time for a remarkable cause.  We've come to the point in human evolution where we know that those who have different abilities than what's considered "normal" are equal on so many levels.  Some who lack ability in some areas, make up for it in ways that are unimaginable by most others.  We have also seen that with just a little support and understanding, people can flourish and realize their greatest potential with the work of organizations like the Covenant Ability Network.  We're all about watching miracles happen, we know it's an uphill for some, but when they get there, the satisfaction is beyond measure.  Grab yourself some tickets and join the fun on October 30th in Downtown Muskegon.  You'll find the number to call for tickets listed below. 

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