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October 20th, 2020 Public Health Muskegon County COVID-19 update with Director Kathy Moore.



Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County updates us on the COVID-19 numbers in Muskegon for October 20th. We touch briefly on Mercy Health’s press conference this morning talking about COVID-19 patients and the count of those vaccinated or not. Kathy says it’s best to seek Mercy’s data on those stats. We talk about the very gradual increase which is hopefully at it’s peak, but it’s rather early to tell. Schools and reporting. We get into the slides of how Muskegon is faring compared to surrounding communities and the rest of the country. We talk about how something so personal feels so individual, however it’s a worldwide problem still. Opportunities for vaccination, boosters and reminding you that this is layers of protection. From a vaccination to the basics of social distancing and hand washing, we need them all to come into play for the greater good.