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November 11th.  It's observed at Veterans Day in the USA and in the Muskegon area, the observation is going to be a little bigger and go a little longer if you add in the surrounding communities that are going to have the honor of a visit from the Budweiser Clydesdale Team to celebrate those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  We've all seen hero defined in so many ways over the last couple years.  All of them deserve to be celebrated and honestly, all of us deserve a little celebration too with what we've given to help over the last almost 2 years.  We're not out of the woods yet when it comes to this pandemic mess, but November 11th in Muskegon you'll be able to "pick your speed" to celebrate thanks to Tyler Sales and the United Way.


Let's roll you back to November 10th quick though.  Since The United Way of the Lakeshore serves not only Muskegon County, but Newaygo and Oceana too, and the Budweiser Clydesdales had only one window open for a Michigan visit, November 10th you will find them in a parade in Fremont.  4p on Mainstreet is where you'll find the parade which will will conclude at Veterans Memorial Park at 4:30 to a gathering with some music, cider, donuts and more.  It will be a remarkable setting with the horses parading up one of the most quaint and picturesque "main street" settings in all of West Michigan.  Think of the opportunities for photographers! heros logoFree Ticket Reservation for Vets and Frontline Workers

On the 11th, the parade begins in Muskegon at 4p on Western Avenue which has become an eye catching path of it's own.  The restaurants, Mercy Health Arena, The VanDyke Mortgage Center, The Delta by's a bold and beautiful setting and to see the horse team working their timeless tradition right up to the doors of the arena for more photo op's and a chance for people to get an up close look here in town, that's another major grab.  Then, it's on to the indoor setting of the Mercy Health Arena when the celebration of hero's begins.  There are going to be remarkable moments that will more than likely draw a tear or two.  There are going to be moments of joy and fun.  Moments of reverence and respect and moments of some chances to just sing along with some live music and get it out of your system!  You'll be entertained by the West Side Soul Surfers as well as Brena from the stage which should wrap up at 9p. 

It's going to be a couple of incredible days in our are and Tom Schultz from Tyler Sales and Christine Robere from the United Way of the Lakeshore joined us today to talk about all that's to come, take a listen.  





It's time for honor. It's time for some togetherness. It's time to remember and it's time to celebrate.  This is the combined efforts from so many who are hoping to give a little something back and as mentioned before, you caan participate at your own speed.  If you want to enjoy the outdoor parade in either Fremont or Muskegon, 4p is the start time.  If you'd like to carry on with that celebration in Muskegon with the concert, please do.  Tickets are free for Veterans and you can find the link for those above.  Our many thanks to Tyler Sales, Budweiser and the United Way of the Lakeshore for sharing the story with us today!  We'll see you on the 11th at Mercy Health Arena.

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