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When partnerships build and grow, the ability to bring together different places that have the idea of doing something for the greater good might just pop up and with our sponsors Shon Cook Law and Scherdel Sales and Technology, we've done just that all this year to help some of the charitable organizations in our community continue the work they do for those who need a hand.  The simple honest truth is, that we are very fortunate to have a community and sponsors that steward such kinds of things.  This is who we all are.


This month, not only is an amazing service getting a little financial help from our contributors, they are getting a chance to share a part of their work that not too many people know about.  The Muskegon County Prosecutors office has a special Victim Services Unit and they focus on helping those who are a victim of a crime understand all that's going on around them while the court proceedings are happening.  It's an almost instant service that comes into the life of someone exploited by a crime and the job of the Victim Services unit is to help people understand the legal process, know their rights against the people who committed the crime against them and connect them to the resources that can help them recover from any multitude of the problems that come in the wake of being a victim.  

We joined up with Muskegon County Prosecutor DJ Hilson and Lynn Meeuwenberg who's the lead for Victims Services to learn a little more about their work.  Attorney Shon Cook and Kenneth Robison from Scherdel Sales and Technology joined to help present the $1000 bucks too.  Take a listen.


To be there for those who have felt the loss of so much is an amazing part of the job of the Prosecutors office and unless you've needed their help before, you may have never known it was even offered.  We've got an amazing group of law enforcement people in our community.  From the neighborhood cops all the way up to the prosecutor who not only works to keep us safe, but to help heal those who have been victimized.  So many thanks to Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology for their amazing generosity. 

Do keep in mind too.....Scherdel got involved with this program as the are looking to hire!  This is a great company with global reach that's doing this good in Muskegon.  They have 35 current openings and the sky is the limit.  Make sure you click on their logo below and get to work for a company who is as rewarding to be a part of as they are generous with all of us.

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