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This isn't a scam and it's not free money.  This is a program that we've partnered with the Community Foundation and Goodwill Industries of West Michigan to help raise some awareness about because it's a life changing amount of money that is out there, waiting to get into the pockets of people in our community and it can be there by the middle of December, but acting between NOW and November 15th is essential.


The Child Tax Credit is available to anyone regardless if they file federal taxes or not.  It's actually an increased credit due to the pandemic and it's been made available to those who might not have filed due to low income, maybe a special needs circumstance or any number of reasons.  This is why the outreach is essential, as those who don't necessarily have to file, might not have any idea that this is available to them.  It's a program that began back in the Summer and the idea is to file the simplified return on your own, or, have Goodwill of West Michigan lend you a hand to fill it out and see if you qualify.  Yes, Goodwill will help you at no cost and there might be more than the child tax credit you're missing when they begin the paperwork.  Once they see if you are qualified, you can see what's coming to you.  If you owe, what you have coming will be applied to the back taxes and you can still come out ahead.  Potentially far ahead depending on your circumstance.  There are no hoops to jump through, there will be no one "trapped" by looking in to this meaning if the program isn't for you, you can stop. qrcode 1Scan this Code or Click Here to Visit the CTC Website  

Taxes to most are an intimidating thing, and the team at Goodwill is already ramping up to get this going over the next two weeks.  They have everything you need at their Apple Ave location in Muskegon and we are working very hard right now to get out to some other locations within the area to bring their assistance right to you!  One area that has been identified as really high in the number of people who can benefit is the 49442 zip code.  In speaking with Carl Lewis today, on average they find about $6000 for people depending on their situation and past filings.  It's about a 20 minute process with the assistance of Goodwill and you are perfectly of to try it on your own if you are comfortable in completing the forms. 

Take a listen to Carl and I talk about this program and get up on it!  This is part of the Recovery Act and much like push we gave the US Census a couple Summers ago, we are here sharing this news to help bolster our community and make sure every resource that is out there gets where it needs to go.







If you think that there's half a chance that you qualify, this is the time to act!  This isn't some fake news hype.  This isn't any kind of scam it's community in action to help you get what you might have otherwise missed out on.  Times have been difficult and the assistance is there.  If you'd like a hand, it's time to set up a time with Goodwill and get it done.  If you can handle the simple filing on your own, click or scan the QR code above,  Don't miss out on this chance to get the benefits offered.  Act between now and November 15th.  Friday, we're going back to Goodwill to speak to a young mother who's just completed this process and you'll see first hand the impact it's had on her.

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